Village Roast Duck, Bangsar Village I, Malaysia

After three failed entry attempts to Village Roast Duck (queues were too long for impatient me to wait), I finally made it in for an early lunch over the long weekend. Both locals and expats have been raving about the roast duck for a few months now, suggesting that it is Yum List worthy. Once inside, a clean no-fuss atmosphere and quick service got us spritely on our way to placing orders. Dried vegetable soup was whisked our way while our requests were being prepared, and our drinks were on the table seconds later. Famous for their roast duck, you know what to ask for. The Aromatic Crispy Duck with Pancakes served with strips of raw veges and one sweet and one chili sauce would easily win a second order from me. The Special Cantonese Roast duck served in a light tangy sauce was succulent and toothsome but I found the temperature just tepid by the time it got to my mouth – maybe I took too long photographing – I suppose I’ll have to give it another shot :-). The Wonton Soup with Noodles was an adept and flavourful filler. With those aforementioned line-ups waiting to get in, this is not a place to shilly-shally. You’ll get the cue to leave when, instead of flicking the lights as might happen late night in a bar, your table gets wiped and rewiped and wiped again. But just as well, as I’m sure by then it’ll be time for a glass of wine down at La Bodega, where you won’t have to worry about signals to leave until much later on.

Village Roast Duck
Lot F8, 1st Floor
Bangsar Village Shopping Centre
1 Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2287 4128

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  1. The duck and wonton noodles there are wonderful!! =D The only drawback there is the crowd…

  2. i like to put a lot of spring onions …..

  3. Yep, the roast duck here IS good.

  4. i've heard of this spot too but have never gone in as I don't like to wait

  5. I love roast duck very much, what time should we reach there to avoid the crowd?

  6. oooh this post and photos reminded me a lot of what I liked to order back in Singapore. I would order the same duck dish, the veggies served in soy sauce (oooh yum!!), the same noodle as the one in the photo, and/or lemon chicken… oh gosh, miss those so much!

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