Shangri-La Says No To Shark’s Fin Soup

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have officially stopped the sales of all shark’s fin.  Not only have they taken it off their menus, they are also refusing to source it for private events and the like. In another positive move towards supporting sustainable fishing practices they will also phase out bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass from all F & B outlets this year. Three cheers to the Shangri – La for attempting to be a socially responsible corporation!  Read the full article here:

A clip from Shark Savers

Also from Shark Savers

“Shark fin soup is responsible for the destruction of shark populations throughout the world. Shark fin soup has been a Chinese delicacy since the Ming Dynasty. Back then, only the Emperor and his guests ate it. Until about twenty years ago, shark fin soup was served mostly in Hong Kong and other cities with Chinese populations, but only rarely in China, itself. This relatively low consumption of shark fin soup did not result in a significant problem for shark survival.  But now, many of the 1.3 billion people of… ”  read more…

Did you know???
– sharks are essential to maintaining the biodiversity of our oceans.
– sharks control ocean ecosystems by removing the sick and unhealthy.
– sharks are shy creatures and humans are not normal prey species for sharks.
– numbers killed by sharks each year are in the single digits whereas 2 – 3 million people a year are killed by mosquitos.
– sharks contain toxic levels of Methyl mercury.

Ocean expert, Prof Steve Oakley explains the facts about sharks in these three excellent articles:

Sharks Need Hugs by Prof Steve Oakley

Myths About Sharks by Prof Steve Oakley

Mercury in Sharks by Prof Steve Oakley

Learn more from Steve’s blog:

I say, “No” to shark’s fin soup. How about you?


  1. Way to go……
    Save some sharks ……actually I m not so much into shark fin soup….
    Seafood like crab meat n scallop soup is equally good….

    • Glad you agree. Crab meat and scallops actually have flavour. Shark's fin is just cartilage taking on the flavour of the broth so you're not really eating the soup for the flavour of the fin.

  2. ya, it's been a very, very long time since i last had shark fins too. i don't crave it, but i have to admit that shark fins soups bring back good memories for me. it reminds me of happy family meals back in my younger, much more innocent days…

    • Sometimes it's hard to give up practices that have been family traditions especially when they evoke such warm memories. I salute all who make a thoughtful choice. 🙂

  3. More hotels should follow suit … cheers to Robert Kuok =)

    • I've actually written to a number of hotels about this practice but I get the same standard response – "Our customers want it so we provide it." Pretty lame excuse in my opinion…

  4. Good job Shangri-La!

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