Godiva, KLCC, Malaysia

The following descriptions of the beauties above come directly from the box. I’m unable to do a better job – I’d just be tempted to add a few more ‘heavenly’ ‘mouth watering’ comments in. Mont D’amour Matcha – light matcha mousse encased in pure dark chocolate with a sprinkling of Matcha powder.  Mont D’amour Noisette Citron – tangy Sicilian lemon mousse blended with a light hazelnut mousse for a perfect pairing which is then enrobed in white chocolate and decorated with lemon pieces. Mont D’amour Cassis Marron – smooth chestnut mousse paired with blackcurrant filling covered in milk chocolate dusted with vibrant blackcurrant powder. Coeur Fraise – white chocolate heart filled with delicious strawberry mousse from Wepion. Mont D’amour Fraises De Bois – wild strawberry mousse covered with intense dark chocolate finished with exquisite real gold flakes. Mont D’Amour Fraise – sweet and fruity strawberry mousse in intense dark chocolate and topped with strawberry pieces from the renowned Belgian region of Wepion. 

My Belgian buddies tell me that even though Godiva has a global reputation as being the finest chocolate in the country, it has been bought by a foreign company and is now incomparable to the local artisan product. Although there are undoubtably exquisite chocolatiers in Belgium such as those found exhibiting in La Maison des Maitres Chocolatiers, I have to confide, even with the knowledge of the above rumour, I’m still a fervent Godiva fan. Not one to waste calories on mediocre fair, Godiva is an honorable expenditure. 

When faced with such decadently appealing goodies, I try to extend the experience interminably. First, I let the chocolate arrive to room temperature while admiring the colour shape and texture. Next I take a few quiet breaths and take in the scent. I then bite the piece into two and slowly let it disintegrate in my mouth pushing the mush onto my palate and breathing deeply again. Finally I swallow and let the remains linger a while before finishing the second half. How do you enjoy your chocolate?

Level 1, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre 
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Omg. These look luscious. Amazing. I'd buy a box, keep them in my office drawer, and pop a couple into my mouth when I'm feeling peckish. And I wouldn't share them with my colleagues! 😀

  2. OMG!! those chocos may not be melting but I am!!

    I would love to have some of them as my nighty cheats! ;))

  3. I still remember the first time I had Godiva's.. heavenly. It's still one of my favorite chocolate brands.

  4. I love the Godiva box.. it's so cute and girly! I'm a big fan of Godiva but it's so expensive in Malaysia compared to the US. I can never bring myself to buy a box of Godiva. =p

  5. Wow..I can enjoy chocolate just listening to how you enjoy yours! =D

  6. I like that note about letting the chocolate cool down to room temperature – I forget sometimes and it's not a nice feeling biting into a cold choc. Also, I've a Singaporean friend that has a chocolate fridge/chiller! How's that for being a chocolate fan? 😀

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