Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits and Restaurant, Bidor, Perak, Malaysia

The humble shop front – public holidays and weekends often see a crowd of travelers lining the streets in await for a table at Pun Chun

 Crispy Won Tons filled with minced prawns and pork – Pun Chun is known for making their wrappers and noodles from scratch. Many customers even purchase the whole egg noodles for home preparation.

 Popular Yam Buns made with 100% yam pastry – flaky and crispy on the outside filled with sweet moist pork and beans – dangerously addictive
 Pun Chun’s signature dish – Duck Noodle Soup – with ginger, herbs, veg and goji berries

Nut and Winter Melon Biscuit

Famous for their duck noodle soup, yam buns and won tons, Pun Chun in Bidor makes a tasty stop on your travels to Pankor, Ipoh or Cameron Highlands. The soup is a herby aromatic broth packed with fresh greens, goji berries, longan, springy egg noodles and a muscular duck leg. The yam buns are apparently sooo much better than the KL versions as the dough is claimed to be 100% yam, whereas other varieties mix yam and flour together. I’m positive they’re not the healthiest snack but they sure are filling and dangerously addictive. A flaky crisp pastry encases a juicy sweet bundle of pork, beans and gravy and every bite leaves you (or at least me) thinking how many more kilometres I will have to run tomorrow. The won tons are probably the crispiest I have ever tried. Filled with prawns and pork the insides are just as flavourful as you might imagine. Packed with travelers on the weekends and public holidays turn over is frequent. A steady stream of people flow into the restaurant for a break in a journey and roll out with their tummies full and arms loaded with packaged goodies for the road and for family and friends back home. Previous posts: 12 September 2011 29 August 2011

Reason to visit:  duck noodle soup, yam buns

Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant
38-40 Jalan Besar
35500 Perak
+605 4341 554
+605 4341 562


  1. yup .. the duck noodles is so good…
    I tried d duck noodles in their branch Kota Kemuning .. but it was not as good…..

  2. A must visit whenever heading to North 🙂

  3. This is a delightful place. Not been back for the last 2 years since I stopped tracking at the Dato Sagor Mini Circuit. I should make it a point to return to this place.

    The duck noodle especially is addictive. I remember having it for brekkie and packing another 2 for my lunch at the circuit. LOL.

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