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Allegra, Meru Valley Resort, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Allegra – meaning happy and also the name of Julie’s grandaughter


 Gourmet products – many imported from Australia – they even stock REAL Tim Tams!

 Wine available at retail prices can be enjoyed on the balcony  +  fresh produce


 Julie certainly has an eye for design – she says she just “threw together” these baskets and rope


 Peaceful verdant views – hours could easily be whiled away
 Don’t you agree?

 Sweet temptations
 Pistachio cake with white chocolate and pistachio cream
 Savoury pies – much more than a snack


 More sweet stuff
 Popular pastries
Lovely selection of baked goods – one of the few places in town (if not the only one) that you’ll find home made bagels and rustic European style bread
 These wraps with a variety of fillers are best sellers – this one loaded with meatballs, beans and cheese is an epicurean’s delight
 Mini burger – chicken, caramelized onion, pesto and cheese – bite size gourmet goodness
Yorkshire pudding topped with roast beef, caramelized apples and house made semi dried tomatoes
 Julie’s version of moussaka – mince and cheese on top of half a tender eggplant
Chocolate hazelnut stick
Another interesting tidbit I’ve recently discovered about Ipoh is the number of expatriates choosing the city for retirement as part of the Malaysia My Second Home program. Not only is the cost of living less, but pristine jungle, limestone caves, rich bird watching opportunities, an increase in services and of course food glorious food are attracting many. Being the astute blogger that I am, I always have my ear out for the gourmet hot spots in each region, in this case Ipoh and a gourmet goodies store that has become very popular with locals and foreigners alike has caused a few rumblings. Allegra, Chef Julie Song’s Gourmet Essentials & Produce sister outlet of Indulgence, is the place to kill the hunger pains and procure some vittles for later on. It may just be attraction in itself drawing yet more hungry mouths to the northern city.
Located at the Meru Valley Golf Resort, Allegra offers a host of extraordinary snacks, gourmet products, fresh produce and retail wines. You can see the above photos for descriptions of just some of the tantalizing temptations you can pick up. All are available for take away or to be relished on the back porch while taking in the sweeping virid views afforded by the resort. A refrigerated section is also fully stocked with ready made meals, such as lasagna, that only require a quick reheat at home to be ready. Judging by the steady flow of traffic from dusk to dawn, Allegra seems to be catering for a previously unsatisfied niche.
When asked what inspired her to bring about Indulgence and Allegra, Julie answers that her creative culinary adventures began upon return from her studies in England. It was there that she had learned to appreciate good coffee and hearty sandwiches made on excellent bread. She found that none of that was available in Ipoh so decided to engender it for herself.  She believes she probably had the first, if not the only espresso machine in Ipoh for many years. With Indulgence having a decent history over a number of years and Allegra opening in July last year, I’m sure there are many who are very appreciative of her efforts.
Reason to visit: extraordinary gourmet snacks

Gourmet Essentials Produce
Meru Valley Resort
Off Jalan Jelapang
30020 Ipoh, Perak,
+6 05 526 2842

Open 8am – 7pm weekdays, 8am – 8pm weekends
Closed Tuesdays


  1. Wow everthing looks like great comfort food. Certainly worth visiting Ipoh for.

  2. Oh wow thanks for sharing this! I go back to Ipoh quite often because grandma is there, but we always end up eating Chinese food! I've been hearing that Indulgence is getting a bad reputation lately because of price / service. But it looks like this might be the best alternative!

  3. gosh, i'm loving the look of the view, with all the hills and the wide-open green spaces. very pastoral. and the food looks mighty fine too. if you hadn't titled this as an ipoh post, i'd have guessed it was on an english countryside! 😀

  4. Wah …. i like the mini burger…
    Last time there have this white castle ..
    and I could eat half a dozen..
    yummy yummy…
    hmmm i need to ask around where is meru valley resort…

  5. I've been to Ipoh many times and I've never attempt to try any western food. After reading your post, I promise I'll give it a try =)

  6. Yeppers. I met an Italian chef once who works as a consultant in the F&B industry – he's "retired" in Ipoh with his Malaysian wife and children too. Good life lah Perak. 😀

  7. Gourmet snacks!

  8. OMG… another tastilicious post! I want the burger, the wraps (for sure!! dayum they loook too tasty!!), and some others I don't remember ehhe. OMG… so hungry now…

  9. hi.. i just noticed this lovely place.. but i wondering, is it allow non-members to having meal there? coz as i know Meru Valley Golf Resort only allow for members entry

    • Yes, I believe everyone is allowed entry. 🙂 Hope you enjoy. She also has another recently outlet that I'm yet to visit but hear great things about – Burps and Giggles.

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