Chocolate Buffet @ Starhill Tea Salon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Run, jump, dance, diet, starve yourself in preparation for Starhill Tea Salon’s chocolate buffet. Every Sunday in June, chocolate aficionados can partake in three and a half hours of saccharine feasting on some of the finest desserts in the city. An endless line up of cacao inspired confection is handsomely presented in the pleasant surrounds of the tea salon. Towers of tea tins, hanging pots from the ceiling, comfortable lounges and live piano music create a refined ambience, quite in contrast to how sugar addicts will feel like behaving. 
You’ll have to fork out RM50++ for the Sunday Chocolate Buffet, but if you truly have a sweet tooth, this is a small price to pay for the chance to indulge all afternoon on a mahogany river of lusciousness. Ichorous chestnut fountains, plump truffles, rich layered cakes, dense cheesecakes, pudgy puddings, bronze scones and an unremitting whirl of tantalizing treasures will send decadence devotees into a spin. Open sandwiches and savouries are purely a footnote. To wash it down, an assortment of teas are on hand and according to my Chinese buddies, tea helps to metabolize fat, so as long as you keep drinking it will all balance out right?  
Of this nectarous dream it’s hard to narrow down my picks to a few favourites to write about. Overwhelmed by rainbows in shades of brown, a generous use of berries, multitudinous shapes forms and towers, a throng of textures – hard, crunchy, chewy, creamy, smooth, syrupy, sticky – and a parade of aromas, it’s like swinging blindfolded at a piñata hoping for a direct hit to choose just one or too desserts that stand out. So here goes, one from hubby, one from me. My partner’s pick is The Concorde – chewy, crunchy and chocolaty all at the same time – a chocolate mousse centre is layered with cacao merengue curls, the crisp outer embraces the moist core gradually changing textures from soft to friable. My penchant, the Brownie – compressed madescent middle, dipped in chocolate and then again in fine chocolate shavings creating a contrasting composition from dense to flaky.

Reason to visit:  a chance to try an endless array of some of the best chocolate desserts in town in elegant surroundings
Every Sunday in June from 2:30pm – 6pm
*** Please note this is a change. The original advertised price is RM100++, but the real price is only RM50++ per adult

Starhill Tea Salon
Starhill Gallery
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang, Malaysia
+6 03 2719 8550
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  1. Wow!!! Just chocolate? Gosh…how to eat so much chocolate, even if it may be in other forms like cakes, ice cream or other desserts. And RM100++!!! That's more expensive than a regular buffet dinner at a hotel…

  2. I love chocolate! But not sure how much can I eat, hehehe.

  3. Oh wow. This all sounds seriously delicious. I could definitely work my way through this buffet.

  4. the chocolate is melting my heart , OMG~~

  5. RM50 is a reasonable price to pay for sweet tooths like us! 😉

  6. Hi! Do you know I they are still having this promo? If not will they be having this again? Thanks!

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