Food Bites Curbside Gourmet @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats
Savoury and sweet bites from Tart Art – “We bake tarts with a twist, fusing flavours to create a delightful, unexpected experience.” 
Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats
CoCo Perry – chocolate on chocolate indulgence – pear slices enveloped in a rich chocolate filling tinted by the warming tones of cardamon (below right)
Ruby Montana – macerated strawberries and cream carpet on Sarawakian black pepper cookie tart base, finished off with drizzles of balsamic vinegar (below left)

Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One

Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One

Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya OneFood Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One
Cupcakes, alcohol infused treats and gourmet sandwiches

Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One

Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One
These mini quiches were so popular that the entire supply was sold out in 90 minutes
Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One, alcohol, Baileys
Moist brownies – virgin and Bailey drenched versions
Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One, popsicle
The Potong – sensuous popsicles – Beer & Lime and Poached Pear in Red Wine are two variants not to be missed 
Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One, pig, non-halal
From the ‘Definitely Non-Halal’ section – highly seasoned and best selling porky treats by Transparent Apron
Food Bites, pie, gourmet, treats, Jaya One, pork, non-halal
Food Bites, coffe, gourmet, treats, Jaya One
Coffee by espresso lab – this smooth South American blend jump started our morning
Jaya One, curbside gourmet, street food festival
Gourmet is not usually the first word that comes to mind when I describe street food in Malaysia. Food Bites, however, is changing that. On May 26th, at Jaya One, the first ever Food Bites Curbside Gourmet market was presented. Home chefs from around KL set up stands and delighted attendees with their gourmet treats. Nine vendors, Crumbs Cafe, Haute Dog, espresso LAB, Frontera, Lexy Fudge Brownies, The Potong, Transparent Apron, The Fat Blossom and Tartart shared their culinary skills with a hungry crowd. Beginning at 11am, signs of success were clear a short two hours later with most stalls sold out, left with mere crumbs as the only clue that something delicious had passed. 
Each stall was hand selected and approved by a meticulous event organizer. Advice was given on pricing, presentation and the food itself. All entries were based on their ability to provide a unique and quality offering to the public. This heedful attention to detail paid off as the event was a roaring success. Without mentioning all nine stands, espressoLAB with their smooth South American blend of coffee and, The Potong with their Poached Pear in Red Wine popsicle, triggered my endorphins.  Hubby on the other hand, hoed into the Transparent Apron’s swine soiree. Even the long wait time was appeased once the juicy sausages and sweet potato shoestring fries were devoured. A warm thanks is extended to Bangsar Babe for her support and information regarding this event. 
Check out the Food Bites Facebook page to stay tuned for upcoming events:

or email [email protected]

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  1. Don't forget the 10th stall in the line-up – A Quiche to Remember!!

  2. We reached there too early, not all the stalls started selling yet, hehe.

  3. that day was certainly a fun om nom nom day!! Lot's of good foods! ^^

  4. I was so sad that the didn't taste the pork dog..
    Need to wait for 1 hour n it was so hot that day….

  5. all the food looks delicious. I been wanting to try espresso lab for quite sometime.

  6. Oooo…I love quiches but ham or bacon for me. Doesn't look like they've those. Probably a halal place.

  7. I missed the quiches! Can't wait for the next one to happen. It is an interesting concept.

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