Porridge & Popiah @ Say Huat, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Say Huat, Petaling Jaya, stall food, hawker, street food, Penang, Chinese
Say Huat, Petaling Jaya, stall food, hawker, street food, Penang, Chinese
Century Pork Porridge
Welcoming friendly ambience, fast service and good food keeps us returning to Say Huat in Section 17, PJ. This time round it was for the rice porridge and popiah. The idea of congee has never appealed to me and so even after nine years of residence in Malaysia, this was my first tasting of the thick dense brew. Convinced by the sweet owner of the porridge stall to give it a whirl I was pleasantly surprised (and annoyed at myself at the same time for having missed out for so long) to find a tummy filling, deliciously savoury meal. Lengthy cooking of rice in copious amounts of water leaves a thick plain flavored goo. Add meat, vegetables and sauces and this base turns into a voluminous, satiating complete meal in a bowl. Always the foreigner, I’m still amazed at how inexpensively you can feed yourself in Malaysia. A small (big enough for two of us to share) bowl of century pork porridge set us back RM4.50 and each popiah roll RM1.50. I’m told that the key to Say Huat’s success is the morning market across the road from where ingredients are sourced daily. That combined with high turnover must guarantee food freshness. The Popiah & Porridge stalls are open from around 9:30am in the morning unti 11:30pm at night. Some of the other stalls don’t open until early evening.

Full post on Say Huat, 16 March 2012

Reason to visit:  Century Pork Porridge

Say Huat
1083 Jalan 17/27
46400 Petaling Jaya
012 289 1370
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  1. wow, both look good to me, i'm a big fan of century egg porridge, extra marks if they can add a little bit of salted egg 😛

  2. Porridge is my comfort food. When I was young, I had porridge every afternoon for lunch. I hope you and your husband enjoyed it =)

  3. Ooooo…both my favourites. No good popiah here unless we make our own which reminds me that I have not made that for a long time. Should do it one of these days…

  4. i've always preferred my congee with the rice not overly cooked through, with a slight bite and not too dense. But century egg congee does match well with the thicken texture.
    Yums yums, now i crave for some good loving congee! 😀

  5. Pork porridge with century egg or some internal organ is one of my favourites, especially during the rainny day when the weather is cold. 😀

  6. gosh, the ingredients for both the congee and the popiah look extraordinarily fresh and bountiful! i haven't tried say huat before, but i love it when outlets aren't stingy with their stuffings 😀

  7. Yup I love their century egg porridge…

  8. I confess I have never tried porridge either! But it looks yum…

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