Recommendations for Switzerland!

Martin Huette, international lawyer for Huette Law spends much time traveling internationally. Eating out so often means he is particular about food so he offers up his recommendations for his fav spots in his home country Switzerland.

Zug – A nice and always crowded place to have a quick and healthy lunch or a extensive dinner with some good choices of wine. Where judges and farmers meet, where time and service is more important than coolness. The garden offers in summer a lovely place to sit and discuss.
Luzern – Where you still can have the very famous dish, Luzerner Chügelipastete, (veal-meatballs in white sauce served in a tower of puff pastry). Nice place to sit above the river and very central in the downtown. Excellent wine list.
Fribourg – Is named as it seems you enter a tunnel (Gothard-Tunnel). Stylish, old and classical restaurant to eat fondue (Melted Cheese) or other local specialities (Saucisson etc.). On the walls are paintings of a famous local Butcher-painter (he painted in Butcheries to promote products). The famous artist, Mr. Tinguely, was also a frequent guest when he lived in this region. A museum about his art (and the art of his girlfriend Niki de Saint-Phalle) is right next door to the Gothard.
Zurich – This is a place where you will return again and again. Very French and very old fashioned.
Zurich/Stallikon – Fun place to go with kids. Splendid view and crazy location outside Zurich on a hill, watch out – sometimes there comes a witch who perform shows with the guests.
Luzern – For insiders that like jazz music the tip is the Jazz Kantine – many concerts with musicians from the local jazz school, nice food and best coffee in town. Centrally located.

Thanks for the tips Martin!  I hope to travel to Switzerland soon.
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  1. Swiss is really a lovely country….
    All the fine things that they made frm chocolates to watches…

  2. I miss travelling in Europe. Switzerland is one of my fav ones.

    • I always think I'd love to live in Europe but I have to remind myself that I'm always there in the summer and that the whole year is not blue skies and long days of sunshine. Don't think I could handle the long dark winters.

  3. Useful list for travellers to Switzerland 🙂 Nice one!

  4. Going there soon? Depositing your money there? LOL!!!

  5. I love Switzerland! The mountains the rivers, my favourite places are Interlaken and Zermatt.

  6. Nv been to Switzerland before. Would love to go there one day =)

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