Room Service Deliveries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rainy evening. Too tired to cook. Too wet to go out. What to do? Go hungry? Not a chance! Recently we heard about a food delivery service that promised cuisine from over 100 restaurants in and around KL delivered to your door in less than an hour. Not your regular, soft soggy crust pizza style delivery, but having a wide range of family to gourmet restaurants on their list, all on one convenient website, we thought we’d give Room Service Deliveries a whirl.
First step… visit their website:
food, cuisine, delivery, gourmet, Kuala Lumpur

 Next, click on your country and select your area from the drop down menu
food, cuisine, delivery, gourmet, Kuala Lumpur

Browse by cuisine and choose a restaurant. We found over 20 from which we could order in our area from local to western, to organic to wine(!), family to gourmet.
food delivery, gourmet, Kuala Lumpur, cuisine, best restaurants
After choosing the restaurant, Chili’s, we found our favourites on the menu and finalized our selections.
food delivery, gourmet, Kuala Lumpur, cuisine, best restaurants
The best option is to register and order directly online which most of you tech savvy people will be delighted with. After verifying your meal on the internet, you should expect a phone call within five minutes letting you know that your hunger will shortly be satisfied. Being our first time though, we wanted some personal guidance so called in our order via their hotline. We were greeted by an extremely capable, friendly and helpful receptionist who had an excellent command of English. She quickly registered us, took our requests and provided us with some thoughtful details. She noted that amongst our order was a burger so made us aware that this particular restaurant packs the ingredients separately so that the bun doesn’t go soggy, meaning we would have to assemble the burger ourselves upon arrival. She also let us know, that because our order was a large one, the delivery time would be increased to 75 minutes. After reconfirming our arrangements and checking that all our questions were answered we parted.
Not having to cook, nor shower and make ourselves presentable to go out, we were left with an unexpected hour of free time thanks to Room Service Deliveries. I went for a run, hubby did some gardening and in only 50 minutes, (25 minutes earlier than expected) we heard a knock on the door. Apparently the delivery team are equipped with custom made wet weather gear to ensure the safety of the driver and to give quality service rain or shine.
The delivery person was well dressed in uniform, smiley, spoke well, and most importantly came bearing dinner. 
food, cuisine, delivery, gourmet, Kuala Lumpur
 All items were individually packed, hot or cold as appropriate and tasted just as they do in the restaurant itself.
food delivery, gourmet, Kuala Lumpur, cuisine, best restaurants
So I bet you’re wondering if this costs an astronomical fee to have restaurant food delivered to your door step? We paid a RM12 delivery fee and I believe an extra 10% service charge. Yes, it might cost a few more ringgit than if we had gone directly to the restaurant, but we figure what we would have paid in petrol, tolls and parking, more than exceeds the delivery fee. The savings though in time (not having to cook or clean, or shower, make ourselves presentable, leave the house in wet weather and wait around in a restaurant when we could be doing other things) is priceless.
Would I use them again?  Absolutely!
Reason to visit:  An easy to use webpage and hassle free gourmet dining (booze too!) delivered to your doorstep

Room Service Deliveries

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  1. Yum! Yum! Too bad this service is only available over there. Muahahahahaha!!!! The delivery guy looks like he's been pinching the food he sends – so fat…and looks so happy and satisfied! No offence, encik – joking only. LOL!!!

  2. Have used this service for delivery from the Olive Tree, excellent food, excellent service !!

  3. hmm not bad ..
    jsut few click and got all the food deliver to you up to your doorstep..

  4. loving the inconvenience. i fear that i'd over-order though! it's too tempting to click on as much as possible, when there's so much that sounds alluring! 😀

  5. Good to hear that they arrived within an hour! I've always thought of trying their service but have been put off by the 1.5 hour advertised waiting time.

    • When you think of the time it would take you to get ready, drive, park, order and wait for your food, and then you think you suddenly save all of that time – you realize that it's not really a long time to wait. 🙂 You can actually be productive with your wait time rather than spend it on annoying driving, parking, waiting etc.

  6. Well, this is indeed something very very new to me…;DD I wan a room service delivery!!

  7. I'm disappointed they don't list Penang, yet. Hopefully, it's in their future plans.

  8. Thank you for your informative article – will defiantly try out their services

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