THC Chocolate Shop, Malacca, Malaysia

Chocolate, sweets, desserts, Malacca, Melaka
Caramel Truffle
Chocolate, sweets, desserts, Malacca, Melaka

Chocolate, sweets, desserts, Malacca, Melaka
Cheesemel Truffle
Chocolate, sweets, desserts, Malacca, Melaka, White Chocolate
Passionfruit Truffle
Chocolate, sweets, desserts, Malacca, Melaka, shop

Not your ordinary Malaccan sweet shop, THC provided us with just the right amount of sugar to perk us up again after an afternoon on Jonker St. Selling locally made creations using Belgian chocolate, THC offers a decent dessert alternative to the local treats. Do be sure to sample the peanut cookies and whirl of other delicious biscuits and confection while in Malacca, but if your stay is longer than a few days, a couple of bites from THC are worth considering.
THC Chocolate
101 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock
75200 Malacca
+6 06 2819315
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  1. the caramel chocolate looks irresistible! i might be a bit dense though, cos i'm wondering what THC stands for. the hot chocolate? heheh 😀

  2. THC?
    is it Tetrahydrocannabinol – some compund of marijuana .. kakakaka
    I love chocolates .. once I am stress i need my kit kat…

    • Hee! I wonder if that was on purpose to grab people's attention? Ah, so in Australia they have different versions of Kit Kat now – I like the ones with the double chocolate coating.

  3. Gosh… this chocs look and taste way better than my cloud 9.

  4. Dunno which to choose… Can't go wrong with caramel, I guess…

  5. Ahahahaha no kidding. I got goosebumps looking at those photos! ;)) I'm serious!

    I love such cakes!

  6. I love both peanut cookies and chocolate, yum yum! 😀

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