Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang, Malaysia

cooking class, penang, lone pine hotel
Class with a View

Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Penang

For a nature lover, the lush green lawn and mysterious
casuarina trees is an idyllic backdrop for the cooking class at Lone Pine
Hotel. Tables are set up on a shaded verandah and guests enjoy the morning
breeze and verdant view as they prepare to learn some of Chef Lim’s culinary
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
Chef Guidance
Chef Lim, Executive Chef of Lone Pine Hotel, has set aside
Wednesday mornings to share some of his knowledge of local cooking methods and
ingredients with interested guests. With near 30 years in professional
kitchens, a Malaysian national and, a sincere passion for food, there might be
no better instructor. For RM80++ participants receive a small group cooking
class followed by a sit down lunch to enjoy the fruits of their labour and a
glass of red or white wine.
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
Wine with Lunch
When I say labour though, I don’t really mean too much work
– you are on holiday after all!
This is my dream way of cooking. Everything is washed,
peeled, chopped and laid out in individual bowls already measured and ready to
go. Chef explains a little about each dish with smiles and humour and then slowly
demonstrates how it’s done. Tips for chopping, cleaning and short cuts are all
thrown in for free.
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
All Prepared
Students then take their turn, patiently guided by the chef.
Refreshments are delivered (because of all of the hard work J )
and, when the cooking is done, someone magically cleans up. Love it.
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
Did I mention that in the process a photographer grabs a
snap of you in action? At the end of the class you’re presented with a photo
certificate (proof that you actually got your hands dirty – a little anyway), a
souvenir apron and recipes. You sit down
to appreciate the wonderful dishes you just prepared with the sounds of the
waves caressing the shore as ambient music and, attentive staff attending to
drinks and anything else you might desire.
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
Photographer Capturing the Moment
Our class saw us making two local dishes, Kerabu Squid and
Chicken Curry Kapitan. The seafood salad is a light dish made as spicy or not
as you like. Fresh pieces of boiled squid are chopped and mixed with slices of
red onion, coriander, chili and ginger flower. A dressing of sambal belacan,
lime juice, coconut milk, sugar and salt is mixed to personal taste preference
and folded through the salad. You can see hubby’s, chef’s and my attempts at
this dish below.
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
Our Three Squid Salads
The curry chicken dish was particularly interesting to make
as we got to mix the curry paste from scratch. Lots of cooking oil is used to
cook turmeric, galangal, shallots, lemon grass, chili and candlenuts in a
saucepan for the base. After quite some time simmering, water, lemon grass,
kaffir lime leaves, pandan leaf and coconut milk are added to taste. Finally
the chicken pieces are included and cooked until just tender.
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
Chicken Curry Kapitan
It’s fascinating to see how differently each of our dishes
turned out. Even though we had the same premeasured ingredients and instructions,
each of our plates possessed their own unique flavour and appearance.
Cooking Class, Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Ferinnghi, Penang
One Dish, Different Turn Outs
While hubby left the class excited to take the recipes and
give them a shot at home, I departed feeling ever so happy that I got to cook
without washing, chopping or cleaning. After seeing the work that goes into a
seemingly simple curry paste too, I am more than contented to continue paying the
experts to satisfy my local food cravings.
Reason to cook:  Learn what goes into these mysterious local
dishes from an expert for a very reasonable price. No dish washing necessary.
Cooking Class
Lone Pine Hotel
97 Batu Ferringhi
11100 Penang
+61 04 886 8686

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  1. Hahaha! I do agree, all the most tiresome parts of cooking are the chopping & cleaning. This sounds ideal!

  2. I'm amazed at the 3 different turn-outs of the Curry Kapitan, haha!

  3. Sounds fun though, Caning looks excited too LOL

  4. That's so interesting that the same recipe and ingredients turned out so differently. I'll have to try this class out. I had not heard of it.

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