Genting Club, The Ultimate in Luxurious Exclusivity, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Club
Wine Tasting Room

Genting Club, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

Genting Club is a contemporary playground for those who appreciate the finer things in life but want to do so in a fun modern context. Unrivalled in altitude (around 1800 metres above sea level) and in opulence, the club is set to become the new recreation field for the rich, famous and fabulous of the region.
This brand new venue is a luxurious lifestyle fantasy blending world-class entertainment, fine drinks and dining. Over 30 000 square feet of space merges a bar and lounge with a restaurant (Ltitude), which seamlessly flow over into a stage and live music area (360° Bar).
Highly regarded as an innovative leader in design, Brian Quirk, from Quirk and Associates, worked in partnership with the team at Genting to invent a captivating arena of leisure and pleasure. Composed for an audience looking for entertainment beyond solely placing bets, a private and exclusive dreamland was formed.
Staff sporting designer (Edmund Ser) uniforms attend to guests and provide escort from the lobby to the main arena. A classy top, sexy bottom and provocation of sassiness with some metal studs, dress the team with fashionable functionality. Entrance to Genting Club is via the ‘avenue of stars,’ a shiny passage lit with 100s of hanging bulbs hinting at the star treatment awaiting invitees inside.

Genting Club Entrance
360° Bar
The 360° Bar is the heart of Genting Club. Its pulse radiates to all other entertainment areas without boundaries. A hulking media wall is the background for a circular stage where international acts perform nightly. Seating and dancing zones are in leveled tiers brandishing unobstructed views for all.

Genting Club
360° Bar
Sound and lighting are first rate. No penny has been spared. Everything is top end. Nibbles and a full drinks menu don’t just satisfy and quench, but excite and titillate. Not to be missed are Genting Club’s Signature Cocktails created by champion mixologist Amanda Wan.

genting club
Signature Cocktails
From here all other areas emanate in a borderless wonderland of sophistication.

genting club
Is it a dining room within a kitchen or a kitchen in a dining room? Whatever your take on the idea, open cooking stations invite interactivity and a pasture of grazing options. 

Restaurant, Genting Club

Together with the resort’s Group Chef, Oliver Lopez, there are also renowned chefs namely Chef Ikuo Umeda from Japan, Chef Yi Junhu, from China, Chef Angel Jimenez from Spain and Chef Hu Li Jen from Taiwan, to cook up the best of food from east and west.  
Small plates are the idea here with an invitation to nibble across sections throughout the evening. A highlight is the Josper grill, a Spanish indoor barbecue allowing precise temperature control but still giving a lovely smokiness and chargrill effect to foods.
Starting light, we sought the aid of the Asian chefs. King Prawn Tempura (RM80) was both crisp and succulent. Seven different side seasonings showed attention to detail of which the Japanese are extremely expert. The Taiwenese chef displayed his skill with a mouthful of deliciousness in his Famous Taiwanese Braised Pork with Rice (RM26), featuring sweet shredded meat and savoury preserved egg quarters.

Genting Club
King Prawn Tempura
genting club
Famous Taiwanese Braised Pork with Rice
The Spanish chef wowed us with a delicious Spanish Seafood Paella (RM98), incredibly tasty Black Sausage Pudding with Rice Burgos, Baby Octopus and Cocido Stock (RM70) and, a tender luscious chunk of Sirloin from the Josper grill (150 grams RM190). Filling us, but too enticing us to try ‘just one more’ dish we thought it time for dessert.

genting club
Black Sausage Pudding with Rice Burgos, Baby Octopus and Cocido Stock
Genting Club
Spanish Seafood Paella
genting club
The Chocolate Sphere (RM28) is a widely revered dessert amongst pastry chefs, especially those living in the tropics where working with chocolate is more of challenge compared to cooler less humid European climates. Perhaps with the aid of altitude and lower temperatures, the pastry chef at the Genting Club has pulled off this sweet with dramatic perfection. A round chocolate globe encloses popping candy, citrus and mascarpone which implodes when dribbled with warm chocolate sauce. Bitter, sour, tangy, saccharine, creamy and explosive – all at the same time – it’s a grand finale.

Genting Club,
Chocolate Sphere
Despite high end products being in the spotlight at Genting Club, there is still a range of average priced wines for those who’d just like a decent table wine with dinner without breaking open the Grange. Hubby and I were pleasantly satisfied with a 2006 Dr. Loosen Kabinett Riesling, Mosel from Germany (RM37) and a 2010 Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough NZ (RM30). For our meat we chose a 2011 Banfi Chianti DOCG, Tuscany, Italy (RM28) which played well especially with the steak.
Genting Club is a playground where you can spend hours. Time here is pleasurably passed lingering, chilling and exploring.
Bar and Lounge
The bar, lounge, wine tasting room and patio is the area that stole my attention.

Genting Club
Lounge and Bar – (look carefully to the right of the photo to see the fireplace)
A furnished patio overlooks the lit theme park below and rolling hills beyond. It is separated from the drawing room and bar by a six metre long fireplace with retractable glass doors, opening or closing either side. The chilly highland air is a natural selling point. Studded chocolate leather lounges and warm bulldog-based lamps breathe masculinity and wealth. A whiff of quaint British colonialism permeates and a range of the best single malt whiskeys money can buy wall the entrance.

View from Balcony
Entire collections of elite wines are housed in the wine tasting cellar where, “the bigger the better” seems to be the motto. Alongside a hoard of fine drops is a prized Melchizek 30 litres NV Armand de Brignac Brut Gold Midas ranked world number one by Fine Champagne Magazine 2009 and priced at RM198 888. It’s one of only five in the world. Weighing in at 45 kilograms, this exclusive Champagne stands 4.2 feet in height and serves up to 240 generous glasses. (A note to the future owner of this bottle: please invite me when you open it!)

genting club
Wine Tasting Room
The bar too showcases interior design in its finest form. A custom-made ice shoot drives an industrial steel pole up from the centre of the bar to the ceiling. Pendant lamps hang low and an exceptional assemblage of first class spirits line the shelves. This is the place to have some fun with cocktails.

genting club
Genting Club found the top mixologist in Malaysia, (well actually enticed her away from Singapore) to create a top rate coffee table book of cocktails. Luxuriate in the den as if it were your home and read a story from the fireplace, while choosing your fancy.
We tried more than our fair share of cocktails and I find it difficult to highlight just one or two. In truth, all were of exceptional standard and obviously made with top of the line ingredients. The Saint, Whisky Sour, Spagliato, Lips of Red and a Mojito (with a twist pandan syrup and chocolate bitters) – all fabulous.

genting club
Small plates are ideal for this setting. Sweet and Spicy Chili Padron (RM22) from the city of Galicia served with Romesco sauce and crispy chicken skin was an appetizing mix of sweet and savoury. Koebi Karaage (RM22), a popular Japanese beer snack of crispy fried baby white prawns, were made exemplary with Japanese pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Mixed Cured Meat (RM30) presented as a platter of prosciutto di Parma, salami, Iberico ham, chorizo and tomato puree served with house made baguette seemed the quintessential nosh for the the virile setting.

genting club
Sweet and Spicy Chili Padron
Genting Club
Koebi Karaage
genting club
Mixed Cured Meat

Now how much does a peak in at luxurious exclusivity cost? Approved applications are selling for RM20 000 which is returned in credits for use in Genting Club alongside a 20% discount on purchases. For enquiries email [email protected] or phone +603 6105 9009

Genting Club
Resorts World Genting
6pm – 11pm weekdays
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 6pm – 2am

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