Yeast Bistronomy, French Restaurant and Bakery, Breakfast and Lunch, Bangsar, Malaysia

Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
French Baguette

Yeast Bistronomy, Bangsar

Words by Polly Szantor
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
“Yeast” – just the word conjures up images of freshly baked bread and croissants, which is exactly what you’ll find when you walk in the door of this bustling Bangsar bistronomy (a word coined from bistro and gastronomy). The baked goods have to be seen to be believed, and cry out to be tasted.  There are huge loaves of various shapes and sizes sitting pretty in their floury brown crusts and smaller options such as traditional French flutes, batards and baguettes.  
yeast, bangsar, french cafe, french restaurant
Yeast Bistronomy
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Chausson aux Pommes (Apple Turnover RM7)
There are several types of croissants, and all manner of French pastries. It’s so difficult to find authentic French bread outside France, but I do believe this is the closest place to a boulangerie this side of Paris.  I tried the white and multigrain rolls and they both have that wonderful sourdough flavour with a perfect crust and an inside that’s elastic and full of holes. Congratulations to French Pastry Chef Christophe Gros for creating his own secret organic yeast. The only thing I know about it is that he feeds it with flour from France and it really works! 
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Fresh French Pastries
Now I have to tear myself away from gushing about the bakery and find a table in this busy restaurant so that I can share some of the delectable dishes available for breakfast and lunch. 
The breakfast menu is crammed with items from the Boulangerie: croissants, Danish and pastries. There are side options such as smoked salmon or fresh fruit, and several egg dishes. I highly recommend Oeufs Cocotte (RM16), two soft-baked eggs with smoked duck and Gruyere cheese served in a baking dish with toasted farmer’s bread and greens. Spoon the runny eggs onto the crisp bread for a bite of smoky, cheesy heaven.
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Oeufs Cocotte (Two Soft Baked Eggs in a Cocotte with Smoked Duck, Gruyere Cheese, Toasted Farmer’s Bread and Greens RM16)
The lunch menu is divided into hot and cold choices. There are salads and sandwiches, soups, pastas and tarts, certainly something to please all palates. The Poulet Roti (RM20) is very tasty. It’s a crusty, black olive bread sandwich, brushed generously with olive oil and bursting with tender, garlic roasted chicken, pesto, tomatoes, and arugula served with homemade French fries and a green salad. 
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Poulet Roti a L’ail, Pesto, Tomates et Roquette dans un Pain aux Olives Noires (Garlic Roasted Chicken, Basil Pesto, Tomatoes and Arugula Sandwich on Black Olive Bread with French Fried and Green Salad RM20)
Le Croque Madame (RM 25) is a super savoury hot sandwich filled with turkey ham and a sunny-side-up egg, smothered in gooey toasted cheese and served with French fries and a green salad. 
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Le Croque Madame (Grilled Turkey Ham and Cheese topped with a Sunny Side Up Egg with French Fries and Garden Salad RM25)
My favourite was the Parmentier de Confit de Canard (RM38). Shredded duck was topped with mashed potatoes, rather like a Shepherd’s Pie, but it was firm enough to stand alone, surrounded by a rich sauce. The ducky flavour was magnificent. and it came with a tomato salad. I would like to try the dinner version of this dish, which is topped with a slice of Foi Gras. This must create a very appealing combination of flavours.
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Parmentier de Confit de Canard, Salade de Tomates (Shredded Duck Confit and Mashed Potato Pie, Tomato Salad RM38)
For dessert I sampled the Passion Fruit Calamansi Meringue Tart, a tangy, Taste-bud-popping creation that’s a sure winner. I must mention the Pain au Raisin too, crispy on the outside and softly buttery inside. The pastry is sweet but the raisins are a little on the tart side, a lovely surprise which sets it apart from most of the versions I’ve tried. Dessert for lunch, how decadent!
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Calamansi and Passion Fruit Tart
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Pain aux Raisins (Raisin Danish RM6)
Vegetarians will be happy at Yeast, and dishes without meat are marked on the menu. The kitchen is pork free, but alcohol is served. If it is used in a recipe, this is also marked on the menu. Yeast offers a good selection of Old World Wines and it is possible to sit at the Bar au Vin while enjoying small bites and watching the chefs at work. Italian Café Vergnano is served and decaf is available. I had a cappuccino that was good and strong, with a tasty crema colouring the frothed milk.
Yeast, French Restaurant and Bakery, Bangsar, Yeast Bistronomy
Reason to visit: Yeast is an excellent choice for breakfast or brunch and I will definitely be returning to buy goodies from the boulangerie.
yeast bistronomy, bangsar, french restaurant, best bread, european bakery
Yeast, Patio
Items on the breakfast menu are served between 8am and 3pm, and lunch options are available after 11am until 3pm. Yeast is open 6 days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday.
Yeast Bistronomy
24, Jalan Telawi 2
59100 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2202 3535

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    Must taste better than our curry puff, right?

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