Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Japanese Layer Cake

Moustache Houze, Penang

Set in the historical district of George Town Penang, right near the famous Chowrasta market, Moustache Houze offers a quirky twist on the bevy of hip new places in the town centre. Bringing the popular themes of heritage and recycled together, the ladies have added another layer of charm to this café via a whimsical obsession with moustaches. That’s right – the big, curvy bristled kind that sit atop an upper lip.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Quirky Interior
You’ll find them in the smallest details such as drink adornments (who needs umbrellas when you can have a bushy moustache?) to the largest in-your-face wall motifs. I bet if you visited multiple times you would keep finding new places where they have managed to mooch in a mo. It seems the ladies here can’t get enough bushy facial hair. (I wonder if it’s a prerequisite for their partners to keep a row of whiskers on their upper lips?) Classic tunes resonate throughout, adding to the feel of an era gone by when many gentlemen actually did sport some under nose bristles.Seating is varied and has a recycled funky feel. Clever glass topped metal-gate based tables dominate the front, while swings (!) are fun seating at the back. There are private rooms upstairs too, each with their own special mo inspired art.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Moustache Art
Only just opened July 27, 2013, it’s an overwhelming success. By early afternoon, especially on the weekends or public holidays, the place is buzzing with guests. If you’re not keen on crowds, arriving closer to opening time around noon is recommended.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Swing Seats
Moustache Houze specializes in cakes and drinks. The beverage menu is short and divided into tea, fresh juice, ice cube drinks, espresso based coffees (house blend) and syphon coffee (beans from around the world).  Cakes are your standard flavoured sponge variety, alongside a few cheesecakes and mille crepes.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Affogato – not yet on the menu but coming soon
Perfect for Penang’s warm climate are Moustache Houze’s specialty ice cube drinks. Cubes of frozen fruit juice are dissolved in soda (lemonade), while the coffee and chocolate versions are accompanied by fresh milk. We sampled the day’s special Passionfruit Ice Cubes (RM11.90). Topped up with soda, this was a refreshing start with one of our favourite fruits – sweet, tangy and bubbly. You can also mix the fruit cubes to make your own signature mocktail. Hubby blended colourful Kiwi and Strawberry producing another fruity hit. Of the milky mix, we chose the Chocolate Ice Cubes (RM12.90) over the Espresso Cubes, (keeping an eye on our caffeine intake for the day), but I imagine these would be just as wonderful after a steamy afternoon of sightseeing.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Passion Fruit Ice Cubes
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Chocolate Ice Cubes
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Strawberry Kiwi Ice Cubes and Soda
There are hot drinks too. Hot Chocolate and Espresso based milky coffees, such as a cappuccino (RM 9.90), come with their very own latte art moustache designs. The beans are their own house blend and a darker roast, producing a stronger flavour, which seems well suited to local taste buds.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Syphon Coffee is available with your choice of beans. The Blue Mountain Blend (RM12.90) was hubby’s pick. Watching the preparation is entertainment in itself as the barista fires up the base of a scientific looking apparatus to brew this specialty. We both agreed we’d reorder this upon return.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Syphon Coffee
Cakes are not made in house, but outsourced from the owners’ favourite bakeries around the country. Presentation carries through the playful concept of the café. Served up on a wooden chopping board, it seems they’re ready to be ripped into with your fork (and knife).
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Walnut Cheesecake and Mango Mousse Cake
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Cakes are rotated daily so expect to see different varieties as a regular visitor. Numerous Mille Crepe Cakes (RM10.90) are usually part of the offerings and we sampled the popular Hazelnut Cream. The Mango Mousse Cheesecake (RM13.90) looked pretty and is another hit amongst locals. It’s more of a whipped texture than dense cheese and was pleasantly sweet and light. Our two favourites however were the Tiramisu (RM11.90) – spongy springy cake, whipped cream, caramelized nuts and dark chocolate flakes – and the Walnut Cheesecake (RM11.90)  – irresistible dense, velvety and not overly sweet.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Hazelnut Mille Crepe
A fun memento of any visit to Moustache Houze is a cheesy photo with your very own hairy growth. You can either create one with a frothy milk drink or use the provided table accessories to get that memorable holiday pic.
Moustache Houze, George Town, Penang
Holiday Snaps
Reason to visit: quirky ambience, interesting ice cube drinks, Walnut Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Syphon Coffee.

Moustache Houze
24 Campbell Street
10100 George Town
+6 04 262 2228

Open Monday – Thursday – 4:30pm – 10pm
Friday 4:30pm – 12 midnight
Saturday 12 noon  – 12 midnight
Sunday 12 noon – 10pm


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  1. what a gorgeous place! you could just sit for hours with your coffee and watch the world go by! 😀 Love the final collage. You guys wear the mustachios so well 😛 haha

  2. Huh? I didn't know you were in Penang! Should have called me out for lunch :p

  3. This looks like a fun place. I think my family would truly enjoy both goofing around with the moustaches and the ice cube drinks.

  4. Hi Monica, glad to have you and hubby visited Moustache Houze!! We love your blog and especially the blog write up about us! Looking forward your next visit to try more of our cakes and drinks!!! Once again, Thank You and We Moustache You!!!

  5. What fun! A fixation on the tash indeed, but if the cakes are good then I'm all for the moustache theme! Those ice cube drinks look brill…though not sure I'll need all that many of here in chilly England 🙁

  6. whoa, i adore the moustache theme in this place! it looks like they really went all-out with the idea and had a lot of fun with it! 😀

  7. Glad you like it! Love the last photo of all of you… hehehe

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