Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Six Standard Cocktails by Cocktail Solutions

Cocktail Solutions – Cocktails Delivered to Your Door

Words by Kirsten Durward
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

The door bell rings and a pretty package trimmed with gold ribbon is handed over. Our cocktails have arrived! But it’s not quite time to taste as they need half an hour of chilling. So it’s back to cheese and gossip after inspecting the bottles.

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Christmas Cocktails
Fully recyclable, the tasteful bottles are hygienically topped with a plastic plug covered by a further top. We realize one of the seasonal specials is a HOT drink and so we can start after all! Yippee!

A sparkly red pouch with cinnamon, cloves and star anise starts to give us that Christmas feeling. The mulled wine is already infused with orange, and we just add the spices over a low heat to infuse the flavours. The final concoction has a rich red colour and inviting whiffs of a gentle spice.

After twiddling with some orange peel for longer than it took to warm the wine, the garnish was on at last and the girls each took their sip. Verdict – yes, it’s definitely Christmassy – a welcoming mellow taste to loosen the tongue with spices that don’t overwhelm the wine.

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Mulled Wine
For the teetotalers amongst you, Cocktail Solutions offers a Christmas Mocktail Punch based on lychee, peach and lemon juice. We taste it ‘au natural’ and discern the peach just over the lemon. It’s fresh, and slightly sweet. We decide to spice it up with a little gold rum, just for fun. Well, it is Christmas!

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Christmas Punch Mocktail
Polly likes the Mai Tai, a combination of rum, Curacao and lime juice. A little light for my taste buds, it has a sourer flavour and is very delicate in drinking texture.

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Mai Tai
The Lychee Martini definitely has the perfumy aroma of lychee. The lemony sour undertone gives it a good pleasant balanced flavour. This is my favourite for the night.

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Lychee Martini
‘This one’s pretty,’ chirps Monica as she pours the Cosmopolitan into a petite cocktail glass. The colour is somewhat paler than I’m used to, but that could be the natural ingredients. The taste reminds me of pink bubblegum, and we all agree that this is quite a sweet drink.

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Monica makes the Mojito look elegant in a tall glass with a colourful stirrer. However, our fridge holds no fresh mint so we are lacking in this crucial garnish. If you choose to serve your cocktails individually in glasses, rather than the more casual party drink-from-the-bottle style, make sure to have some fresh mint on hand for this one.

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
A pink glass to match the Strawberry pink Daiquiri. And honestly it tastes pink! We get a good whiff of strawberry before drinking, then it’s candy-floss sweet, with a limey aftertaste. Again, it’s a rather dainty drink.

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Strawberry Daiquiri
We’ve dipped the rim in salt and decorated with a lime slice to have the true Margarita experience. It’s limey with a definite Margarita tang but we can’t help ourselves, adding more tequila, giggling naughtily together!

Cocktail Solutions, Cocktail Delivery, Kuala Lumpur,
Six of any flavour or a mix of six flavours is a great deal at RM95.40. A Party in a Box, 6 x 6 flavours will keep you going for a while at RM381.60.
Cocktail Solutions is a fun idea, a nice thought perhaps for a girlie present, or to treat a friend or two at home if you’re not a dab hand with the shaker yourself. 
All the cocktails are made with natural fresh ingredients and no preservatives so you need to drink them up within seven days! We recommend ordering a day in advance, to be sure of having them well chilled for your girlie evening! We certainly had an entertaining night.

Note from The Yum List:
Perhaps the coolest thing about Cocktail Solutions, besides a hassle free party, is the service of  personalizing your own cocktail and label! You can either relay your favourite spirits and flavours to the team and let them come up with something, or sit in on a tasting session to mould the drink perfectly to your tastes. Bespoke stickers can also be made to tag your concoction with a logo, photo or just about any other design you can think of. Check out The Yum List’s Passionfruit Daiquiri!…

cocktail solutions personalized cocktail
The Yum List Cocktail!

Another side note from the Editor:
In this sampling with the girls we snazzed up the cocktails with glasses and (an attempt at) garnishes. The beauty of these cocktails however is probably more in the fact that they are so handy, making a nice option in a party cooler box of drinks other than beer (no extra prep needed).

Reasons to order: customized cocktails with personalized labels; booze to your doorstep; a convenient and thoughtful alternative to beer in the cooler box; we’re very happy that they recycle too.

Cocktail Solutions recycle and pay RM0.20 per bottle as a cash rebate for all bottles collected.
It’s best to arrange delivery a day in advance so that you have ample time for chilling the bottles.
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  1. Very interesting to have the names personalized on the bottles! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. How many servings are in each bottle?

  3. Two servings per bottle.

  4. That's great a bottle with your blog name on. Top.


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