Mum’s Rum Ball Recipe

One of my favourite sweet nibbles during the festive season is a rich, decadent Rum Ball. The Yum List’s Mum shares a quick and easy recipe for these delicious treats.

Rum Balls

These little beauties are a great hit at anytime of the year and your guests will keep coming back for more once they have sampled them. They are very easy to make and are made in a matter of minutes. (It takes longer to roll them than to mix them up).


400gms Choc Bits
4 egg yolks
4 dessert spoons rum
4 dessert spoons butter
4 dessert spoons condensed milk

1. Melt butter and Choc Bits.  Add egg yolks, condensed milk and rum.
2. Chill and roll into balls.
3. Roll in coconut or chocolate sprinkles.
4. Enjoy!Thanks Mum!

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  1. Awesome, i just had something similar last night (rolled with peanuts) but yours look better!

  2. this looks absolutely enticing! Can i have a dozen?

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