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Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

World-class restaurants, luxury spas and fashionable boutiques are what Seminyak is known for. One of the most quickly developing suburbs on the island means there’s no shortage of things to do, but it also means traveling by foot is the most preferred form of transport (driving in these streets is best avoided unless you have the patience of a saint). So, to experience Seminyak to its fullest, accommodation that’s right in the middle of it, such as Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak, is a must.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Despite the convenient location and quick access to some of the best sunsets on the island, the villas at Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak are so luxuriously comfortable that guests rarely seek to leave.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Villa Entrance
Each of 43 villas features a private swimming pool surrounded by verdant tropical gardens and lotus ponds. Sunbeds and poolside bales urge us to take regular outdoor naps and dips in our pool villa. Villas are available as one bedroom and all the way up to a generous five bedrooms, with a number of new accommodations currently under construction and planned for opening within the next month or so.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Sunbeds and Bale
Design is modern, yet with a distinct Balinese touch. The use of natural materials, local artwork and thatched roofs help to blend the structures into the surrounding environment. Running water from the entryway water feature plays a soft relaxation melody easing us into the chilled pace of Balinese life.
The living and dining areas are open plan with a fully equipped gourmet kitchen tempting us to cook in. They’re perfect for longer stays or family travel, as a full size refrigerator offers plenty of space to store groceries and, oven, cooktop, pots, pans and plenty of cutlery, crockery and glassware make preparing meals easy and convenient. A gourmet supermarket is just down the road, or you can skip shopping altogether and ask the staff to fill the fridge for you by utilizing the hotel’s deli service.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Lounge Room
A long rectangular dining table seats up to eight people, a breakfast bar provides room for another three and, an outdoor table setting four more. Three of the walls of the living pod are floor to ceiling French doors showing off handsome landscaping. We appreciate the ceiling fan, in addition to the air-conditioning, and find the gentle breeze forms a sufficiently pleasant climate outside of the hours encircling midday.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Dining Table
All villas sport a separate outdoor bathroom for each sleeping quarters. Double basins, toilet, shower and a giant tub are covered with a roof but walls are formed with thick foliage gifting the area with a garden bathing experience, but concealing it all the same. Showering in the garden under the azure sky is truly a treat. We’ve been fortunate with weather this trip and we can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful outdoors.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Outdoor Bathroom
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Luxury Bath Products
The bedroom is spacious with a built in window seat, king size four-poster bed draped with mosquito netting, a double wardrobe with safe and entertainment cabinet. Hubby settles in with the flat screen TV, DVD player and satellite channels. The bed is supportive and soft cotton linens make for a fitful slumber.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Bedroom and Outdoor Bathroom
As you might imagine, 43 pool villas take up quite a bit of space, so depending on what your individual preferences are you might like to request accommodation further from or closer to the lobby. Villas 3 to 6 and 20 to 23 are the nearest. Any chance for a bit of a stroll for me though (especially when the walkway is a manicured tropical garden) is appreciated, so I’d also be happy being further away from reception. Hubby on the other hand would take full advantage of the buggy service, which zips guests around the property following a mere touch of a button.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Path to Villas
Staying at the other end of the complex has the advantage of access to a laneway making arrival to “Eats Street” an easy five minute saunter. If you’re sensitive to noise be sure to mention this when booking to avoid a location next to a busy thoroughfare. Some villas even have their own carport so if you’re thinking of renting one while in Bali, that will be something to consider when requesting your unit.
Food and Beverage
Most packages include breakfast, which can be taken either in your villa or in the restaurant. The variety of food is wider in the restaurant and the ambience is lovely. Not having to get out of your pajamas and having complete privacy however, might be well worth compromising the larger menu selection, and taking advantage of the villa delivery service.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Restaurant and Poolside
The restaurant is our choice both mornings, as we want to explore the full menu. That distinctively Balinese relaxed vibe music customized by some famous DJ, hums at just the right volume from a good quality sound system. The splash of the waterfalls cascading into the pool can still be heard over the thrum, indicating an appropriate number of decibels for brekkie.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Shady Spot
Coffee is strong with sour notes lingering for a minute or so after swallowing. Beans are roasted and blended in Australia under the Lazumba label. A 100% Arabica union proves a darker roast. It’s a brawny brew – just how I like it. English Breakfast Tea by TWG keeps hubby content.
Peppers Bali
Breakfast View
There’s a mix of Western and Asian morning meals for the choosing. We start with the healthy Tropical Fresh Sliced Fruits (IDR35) with honey and cinnamon yoghurt and The Granola (IDR50), which turns out to be one of the best I’ve had. It’s not overly crunchy. Somehow it’s moist but still maintains a firm chomp. Tossed with fresh strawberries, coconut, almonds and pumpkin seeds, it is softly sweetened with maple syrup and sided both with natural yoghurt and a small glass of milk.
peppers sentosa
Moving into our favoured weekend or holiday brekkie of eggs, hubby orders the Classic Eggs Benedict (IDR70) with smoked ham and Hollandaise sauce and, I the Poached Eggs (IDR70) with sautéed spinach and wild mushrooms on toast. We curiously note that we each have one egg that is hard centred and one that is runny. I forget to ask, but we wonder if this is an attempt to keep all predilections happy?
pepper's bali
Poached Eggs with Spinach and Mushrooms
Hubby can’t resist a croissant (IDR45 for two pieces), especially when the menu says fresh from the bakery, so it’s also on the order with a Danish thrown in for good measure! Both are airy, flaky and “wonderfully buttery,” according to hubby.
While lunch and dinner are also available throughout the day at the restaurant or delivered to your villa, you shouldn’t miss the chance to dine on celebrity Aussie chef, Luke Mangan’s cuisine from Salt Tapas and Bar. Owning a number of high profile restaurants around the world, Bali is fortunate that Luke has decided to share his talents with Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak and brings a modern Australian take on the Spanish tradition of small sharing dishes.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Salt Tapas
Our favourites are the Suckling Pig Sliders, Seared Scallops, Garlic Prawns and Lamb Cutlets. There is one dish however, that even if you choose to eat elsewhere you MUST make sure you try. Liquorice lovers from Australia will fondly recall the soft addictive taste of Darrell Lea’s version and might think that liquorice cannot get any better. Luke Mangan has however, achieved the unachievable and turned this favourite Aussie treat into a glorious parfait. Creamy and cold, the Liquorice Parfait is divinely magnificent.
sentosa seminyak, peppers bali
Liquorice Parfait – MUST ORDER!!!
Tropical weather is a great excuse for a cocktail (not that we need one other than, “we’re thirsty”) and the original creations at Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak give real reason to splurge on a few beverages here. All are frosty, revitalizing and clearly made from fresh fruits, not artificial syrups. Charging the classics with a modern spin, expect to see umbrellas and orchids as garnishes and, familiar mixes livened with local ingredients. Hubby’s rather fond of the Bikini Lines and Passionate Painkiller, while I find the Seminyak Smash and, Afternoon G and Tea cheery poolside beverages.
Peppers, sentosa seminyak
Poolside Cocktail
If you ever decide to leave your private villa heaven, a 35 metre rock pool surrounded by funky bright red and yellow outdoor furnishings and, filled with gently cascading waterfalls, is an appealing spot to dawdle.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Common Area Pool
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Sun Chairs by the Pool
A fully equipped fitness centre with two treadmills, two cross-trainers and two bikes for cardio, as well as a decent set of free weights and strength machines supplies enough equipment to keep the holiday excess at bay.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
The contemporary spa offers a good variety of treatments, outsourcing services to experts to provide a comprehensive treatment menu, which not only includes massages and facials by in-house therapists but also medi-spa and healing sessions by visiting specialists too. Both couple and single rooms are stylishly designed and the reception encourages peace and tranquility in its natural and spacious surrounds. Individual treatments can be purchased but so too can complete wellness packages, that incorporate diet, exercise, healing and spa therapies in one plan, to achieve your personal goals.
Pepper's Sentosa Seminyak, Bali
Couple’s Treatment Room
I’d prefer not to sound too cliché in my mention of the Balinese warm smiles and friendly service, but it is exactly what you get at Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak. Nothing is too small or too large of a request. From reception, to cleaning staff, to waiters and gardeners, all beam in their greetings and appear humble in their ministrations.
We’ve thoroughly delighted in our stay at Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak and relish in the idea of returning to this beautiful place, only next time with a larger group of family and friends so as to share in the heavenliness of this opulent retreat.
Reason to visit: luxury accommodations in a stylish location; boutiques, dining and entertainment a few minutes walk away; Salt Tapas and Bar; excellent choice for families and groups with one to five bedroom villas available.
Pepper’s Sentosa Seminyak
Luxury Private Villas
Jalan Pura Telaga Waja
Petitenget, Seminyak
Bali 80361
+62 361 737 676

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