InterContinental Bali

Sunset Beach Bar and Grill, InterContinental Bali, Indonesia

Jimbaran offers a fine location to view the sunset in Bali and, as such is lined with beach bars, ranging from plastic stools in the sand to sophisticated set ups with cocktails created by world famous mixologists.
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Sunset Beach Bar and Grill
We found ourselves one late afternoon at InterContinental Bali’s Sunset Beach Bar and Grill. Raised slightly above the shoreline, it’s accessible either from the hotel or directly from the beach. Love seats and picnic tables are positioned perfectly to capture the sinking of the sun behind Jimbaran Bay.
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Recliners on the Beach
Happy Hours runs from 5:30pm until 10:30pm and offer 30% off wine by the glass, cocktails and beer. We tried two local cocktails, a classic and, a bit of bubbly. All were expertly made and well suited for refreshment in the warm afternoon sun.
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Sunset at Jimbaran Bay
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Tables at Sunset Beach Bar and Grill
Bali is proud to call two cocktails their own, both of which utilize local fruits to give a distinct taste of the island. The Bird’s Tail is a twist on a martini, mixing vodka, lemon, strawberries and Javanese apples. Thin apple slices, fanning out to resemble a tail, form the garnish. Bali Hai uses rum and apricot brandy as the alcohol base and, pineapple and passion fruit juices with freshly squeezed lime and a splash of grenadine top up the glass. It’s perfect for the sweet tooth.
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Magnificent Grounds of the InterContinental
Moving on, I happily sipped on a chilled glass of prosecco as an effervescent salute to the sun, while hubby enjoyed not only the taste of the Piña Colada, but the fun presentation in a hollowed out pineapple shell too.
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Bubbly Sunset
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Pina Colada
Sunset Beach Bar and Grill is an awesome spot to watch the sun sink with cocktail in hand. If you’re a couple, my tip is to go a little before sunset to nab a double lounge chair on the shoreline for an unobstructed view. If staying at the InterContinental it’s a fine way to end your day, but outside guests are welcomed too.
Sunset Beach Bar, InterContinental Bali,
Sunset Beach Bar and Grill at Night
Reason to visit: long happy hours; relaxed beach atmosphere; great place to watch the sun go down.
Sunset Beach Bar andGrill
InterContinental Bali Resort
Jalan Uluwatu 45
Bali 80361
+62 361 701 888


  1. One word….AWESOMEEEEE!!!! And that tops the more reasons to visit!!
    Awww, now you make me wanna go on a holiday….*whines*

  2. Sunset Beach is so pink at night 🙂
    Hmmm pina colada, what a good choice!

  3. love your pics for the sunset beach bar … they bring this awesome seaside ambiance to life on our computer screens! 🙂

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