Artistry, Café and Art Space, Kampong Glam, Singapore

Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Artistry, Kampong Glam

Artistry, Café and Art Space, Kampong Glam

Artistry inspires both the mind and the taste buds with its
shophouse space dedicated to art and some of the finest brews in the city. Combining
a gallery and performance venue, with the Singaporean inherent love for food,
Artistry has formed a harmonious but exciting marriage.
During the day, Artistry hosts a vibrant café and coffee
culture. At night, tables and chairs are cleared and the place is converted
into a stage for both visual and performing artists to showcase their talents.
Jazz, electronic music and art collection launches are just some of the things
livening up the evenings. There’s a genuine sense of community and relaxed,
casual vibe at Artistry. Staff are welcoming and there appears to be an authentic
desire to build a neighbourhood where all are accepted.
Nestled on the quieter side of Kampong Glam, it’s pleasantly
removed from the bustling shop, restaurant and nightlife core. From outside, a
row of plants separates the corner lot from the road and, recycled timber
tables and chairs protrude from a giant grey exterior wall. Blue and white
ceramic pots sprout colourful bunches of freshly cut flowers, serving to
brighten the space with nature’s beauty. The interior boasts an intimate space
divided by a long communal table. The hardware is simple, allowing the current
artworks to dress the setting with their message and mood.
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Artistry Cafe Interior
A creative space deserves a creative menu and Artistry
promises to deliver.
It’s late morning and I’m ready for caffeine. Artistry uses
beans roasted by Liberty
, an artisan roaster with a reputation for its small-batch roasting
and hand-sifted beans.  A Gibraltar ($5),
served in a shorter glass than a latte with a double shot of espresso and
topped up with warm milk, allows an appreciation of the rich, nutty coffee. If
I hadn’t already had two cups at breakfast I’d easily be tempted into ordering
a second.
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Besides specialty coffee, Artistry is also known for
stocking craft beers. A boutique brewery in the Swiss Alps is where most labels
hail from, but an interesting potpourri of other craft brews promise to quench
thirsts too. Being before noon, hubby goes for an unfiltered lager over an ale.
Hell Quollfrisch (meaning fresh spring) by Appenzeller Bier ($12) is light and
clean. Bubbles fizz to the top of the golden liquid and this beverage satisfies
hubby with its aromatic bouquet and fresh finish.
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Swiss Craft Beer
The weekend brunch menu is a saliva-inducing list of offerings.
Artistry is known for their PB and J French Toast ($14) so it’s our first
order. Hubby’s prolonged silence alerts me to my need to dive into trying this
dish before he consumes the final crumb. I get in just in time to get a good
corner and, upon biting, get that lovely velvety peanut butter texture filling
my mouth and a sweet fruity jam sweetening the insides of my cheeks. Fat slices
of fluffy brioche are stuffed with swirls of peanut butter and raspberry jam. They’re
pan-fried until golden around the edges and soft in the middle. Completed with
a decadent drizzle of syrup and smooth vanilla ice cream, I’m unsure of its
classification as breakfast and am leaning more towards the idea of re-ranking it
as a mouth-watering, things-that-dreams-are-made-of, calorie packed dessert.
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast
Homemade Granola and Yoghurt Ice Cream ($10) is also not for
those on a diet. Greek yoghurt pools a viscous pond in the bottom of a large serving
jar and is topped with a house baked mix of oats, raisins, hazelnuts, cashews,
almonds and coconut that have been sweetened with maple syrup. Finally it’s
topped with a delicious blob of yoghurt ice cream and showered with berry
compote. The granola is light and flaky, while the roasted nuts offer a good
crunch. The end product proves a sturdy balance of sweet, tart, crisp, cool and
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Granola and Yoghurt
Extolled as a must-eat at Artistry, the Crab Burger ($20)
arrives sitting plumply atop a squid ink bun, with mayonnaise, sweet onion and
tomato relish and, baby spinach. It’s sided with a choice of truffle, Cajun or
plain fries and we go with the regular crisps. The patty is flash fried and
then baked resulting in a slender coat, which envelopes a moist core. As we
chomp down on the round, the soft bun flattens between our lips and the juicy
contents squeeze into our mouths. It’s deserving of the not-to-be-missed
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Crab Burger
We learn further how much of a community business Artistry
is, when we discover that Aunty Jane (one of the co-owner’s aunts) is
responsible for the table floral arrangements and also the cakes.
The daily treasury is on display near the cashier and gets a
good gawking at almost anytime of day.  Mascarpone Cheesecake drizzled with caramel and
cashews is one of their best sellers. Hubby’s drooling before the word “cheese…
cake” is even completed, so I guess we’re having that. The ivory triangle based
with a biscuit crumble and zig-zagged with sticky caramel and nuts turns out to
be just as luscious as it looks. The unbaked mix of cream cheese and mascarpone
has a hint of lime and proves unbelievably creamy and light. Just a suggestion
of salt adds complexity to the caramel drizzle and, lightly toasted nuts impart
a firm crunch.
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Cheesecake with Salted Caramel and Cashews
Fig and Chocolate Loaf served warm with fig and honey ice
cream takes my fancy. As it’s heated, melty bits of chocolate ooze into the
bread adding a layer of texture to the chewy figs, nutty walnuts and dense
loaf. Bitter, sour and sweet provide intricacy in the overall taste profile and,
a ball of cool thick vanilla ice cream is a perfect complement.  
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Chocolate and Fig Loaf
I finish with a Cappuccino ($5) made from Liberty Coffee’s Speakeasy
blend and decide it’s so good I’d like to take some home. Priced at $16 per
250g, this medium bodied coffee, with chocolate and nutty tenors has a
prominent caramel closing.
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Cappuccino Made from Liberty Coffee
It’s now past midday, so hubby justifies another beer. This
round it’s The Full Nelson, a Maori Pale Ale ($14). He smells fruit at first
whiff and when pressed to describe it further reads from the label. “Strong
grape flavours,” complemented by “sweet Munich malt” makes it “crisp and
refreshing.” Well said (read), we agree.
Artistry Cafe, Kampong Glam, Singapore
The Full Nelson
Artistry is a fine spot for brunch, lunch or a nibble.
Liberty Coffee and craft beers keeps all well hydrated and, the art space injects
a little inspiration and creativity into our day. We’ve heard rumours of Kaya
French Toast and some other fascinating inventions in the works also, so we
look forward to a not-too-distant return.
Reasons to visit:
PB & J French Toast; Crab Burger; Mascarpone Cheesecake; excellent coffee;
craft beers; art inspired space and location for enjoying the performing arts.
Artistry Café
17 Jalan Pinang
Singapore 199149
+  6298 2420
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 7pm

Evening events are scheduled regularly so check out their Facebook page to find out the latest.
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