Loysel’s Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore

Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Loysel’s Toy

Loysel’s Toy, Coffee and Brunch and Singapore

A little out of the way on the Rocher riverside, Loysel’s
Toy pays homage to Edward Loysel de Santais – the Frenchman who combined his
love for coffee and machines into what is credited today as the world’s first
commercial coffee machine (producing over 1000 cups of coffee per hour!).
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
66 Kampong Bugis
Wedged between Rocher River and Kallang Park, the open space
benefits from a breezy draft, even in the heat of a hot Singapore afternoon.
Still, we’ve walked here from Kampong Glam in the mid afternoon swelter, so
gratefully take a spot in the air-conditioned interior. 
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Rocher Riverside
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Kallang Park
Loysel’s Toy mother coffee bean roaster, Chye Seng Huat
Hardware, has grown so fashionable that customers are often faced with a queue.
Loysel’s Toy however, being a little out of the way, profits from the same
wonderful beans, but a less crowded (full to capacity on our visit, but no line
to get in) scene.
A bare industrial look, with recycled furniture keeps the
set-up simple. A Syneso machine takes prime place on the coffee bar, testimony
to the seriousness of coffee preparation in this establishment. Indie music
hums from quality speakers from above, injecting a low base rhythm into the
hearts of guests. Matched to the cool-vibe tunes, the staff display a similar calm
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Brunch is popular on the weekends and a glass display of
cakes and pastries is a favoured spot to pause, drool and make a selection for
a sweet finish. The menu is primarily Western with a hint of local.
A quick search on Google shows the Egg Ben on Toast ($12)
receiving raving reviews, so that’s our first order. Softly poached eggs sit
atop a chewy ciabbatta and pink strips of salmon. The Hollandaise sauce has a
distinct tart finish, which meshes nicely with the runny egg yolk. A pile of
leaves side the plate. Dressed with a mist of olive oil, the accompaniment is a
light, fresh and cleansing.
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Eggs Benedict with Salmon
Char-Grilled Tuna Caesar ($10) comes recommended by the
waiter so it’s on our list too. Crisp Romaine lettuce holds lightly seared tuna
and a poached egg. It’s topped with finely shredded Parmesan and cubes of focaccia
toast. It’s another good value-for-money dish.
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Tuna Caesar Salad
Four different varieties of pancakes are listed so we see it
fit to order a set. The Gula Melaka ($6) promises a drizzle of palm sugar syrup
with a side of butter. They arrive as a trio of fluffy rounds. The key is in
their simplicity. Pancakes prepared well don’t require a lot of trimmings and
Loysel’s Toy is sticking to this philosophy.
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Pancakes with Gula Melaka
Known for their coffee, an order is not complete without an
order of a brew made from their gourmet beans. My Flat White ($4.50) is topped
with swan latte art. Smooth and soft, it’s a lovely drink, but I might ask for
a double shot of espresso next round to more fully appreciate the very
palatable house blend. It’s their original mix hailing from Brazil, Ethiopia
and Guatemala and, one of the reasons the mother roasting company became so
popular to begin with.
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Flat White
Good Old Fashioned Ice Tea ($4.50) is made in house and an
alternative choice to coffee. A slice of lemon and a wedge of lime float to the
top of the iced glass adding a light tang to the sweet cool liquid.
Loysel's Toy, Coffee and Brunch, Singapore
Iced Tea
It has been a short but pleasant visit, but I can clearly
see the appeal in Loysel’s Toy. Good food, chilled ambience and great coffee make this out
of the way café a great choice anytime of day.
Reasons to visit:
good value meals; excellent coffee; a quieter out-of-the-way location.
Loysel’s Toy
66 Kampong Bugis
Ture, #01-02
Singapore 338987
Open Tues to Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 7:30pm

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  1. love reading about the reason behind this cafe's name 🙂 nice photos of the riverside and park surroundings too 🙂

  2. Wowwww!!!! 1,000 in an hour! Food looks really good. Love the presentation for the pancakes, like sea shells. Gula Melaka would certainly be a nice change from the usual syrup or honey.

  3. Ahhh… nice, quite near to my aunt's place! maybe i can check it out next time 😀

  4. I'd love to have some iced tea in Kallang Park!

  5. Eggs Benedict with salmon looks amazing, and I just love iced tea! Mmmm….:)

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