Recipe for Metropolitan Cocktail, Courtesy of the Grand Hyatt KL

Dedi Ajis, Team Leader and Bartender at THIRTY8 shares
with The Yum List his recipe for the Metropolitan Cocktail.
Metropolitan Cocktail
A cocktail with a shine of amber. Infused with Maker’s Mark bourbon whisky, sweet Crème de Cassis liqueur, topped with cranberry juice and a stick of blueberry garnished at the tip of the glass.
Maker’s Mark 45ml
Crème de Cassis 20ml
Cranberry Juice 60ml
Blueberry 3 pieces
1. Place ice cubes into a martini glass to chill it.
2. Add the Maker’s Mark, Crème de Cassis and cranberry juice into the shaker. Shake it well.
3. Remove the ice cubes from the martini glass.
4. Rim half of the martini glass with sugar.
5. Strain the cocktail from the shaker into the chilled martini glass.
6. Garnish the cocktail with three pieces of blueberry and serve.



  1. Interesting cocktail and what a concentration.


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