SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Spa, Beauty salon
SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II

SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II

Specializing in providing both effective and pleasurable
solutions to a variety of skincare problems, the SOTHYS brand prides itself on
its commitment to ‘quality and excellence, the importance of human values and
French production.’
Recently I was lucky enough to be treated to a facial at
SOTHYS Flagship Salon in Bangsar Village II, and enjoyed the experience so much
that I thought it worthy of a post on The Yum List.
Entering the salon I was greeted by a warm floral scent and
carefully arranged shelves of products. Shocking pink lounge chairs are padded
and offered a spot to consult with my therapist to discuss personal skin needs.
After filling out a detailed questionnaire, a machine was
used to do a technical analysis of my skin. Determining moisture, oil,
smoothness and elasticity levels, and combining that with my personal report,
my therapist was then able to design a treatment based on my individual assessment.
SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Spa, Beauty salon
SOTHYS Therapist
SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Spa, Beauty salon
Facial Analysis Machine
Led to a single treatment room, I was left to change and
store my belongings in preparation for the session ahead. Complemented by soft
lighting, calming music, and made feel warm and intimate with floor to ceiling
curtains, I was cocooned into a world far from the busy streets I had just
SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Spa, Beauty salon
SOTHYS Hallway
SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Spa, Beauty salon
Treatment Room
Dubbed ‘Skin’s Fruity Smoothie”, SOTHYS Raspberry Lychee
Oxygenating Vitamins Treatment not only sounds delicious, it claims to gift you
with radiant, healthy skin too. This was the treatment recommended for my dry,
sensitive skin.
SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Spa, Beauty salon
Lychees and Raspberries used in SOTHYS Raspberry Lychee Oxygenating Vitamins Treatment 
Beginning with a cleansing routine, impurities were removed
from my eyes, lips, face and neck. A 2-in-1 Mask Exfoliant followed, softly
removing dead skin cells, which encouraged maximum penetration of products. While
the mask was doing its work, my SOTHYS Skincare Solution Specialist doubled the
blessing with a shoulder massage working profoundly into my tight muscles,
loosening joints and melting my stress away.
Once the mask was removed, this scrumptious facial continued
with an essential facial massage utilizing Raspberry Lychee Modelling Cream.
The fruits’ exacts assert to sooth, protect and boost skin’s radiance.
Additionally, berries are rich in flavonols, polyphenols and antioxidants that
‘limit oxidation and neutralize free radicals.’
Raspberry Lychee Modelling Cream and Oxy-Vitamins Treatment
act as an under-mask and wrapped my face in a creamy smooth vitamin-rich
A Peel-Off Mask with Raspberry Extract came next. Left to do
its work for about 10 minutes, this refreshing stage left my skin feeling
revitalized and began to re-awaken my mind too after its nearly 90 minutes of
dreamy rest. Finally a serum and face cream were massaged into my skin,
resulting in a velvety soft and fresh finish.
Besides smelling wonderfully yummy, this clean fruity facial
was a reviving session for my skin, but also a restful time for my mind and
SOTHYS, Bangsar Village II, Spa, Beauty salon
After Treatment Tea and Biscuit
SOTHYS Raspberry Lychee Oxygenating Vitamins Treatment is
available at a special introductory price of RM198 (normal price RM298). As
this is a gentle therapy it is suitable for all skin types and can be found in
all SOTHYS Flagship Salons nationwide.
Reasons to visit: high-quality
facials designed to suit your individual skin needs
1F-10, 1st Floor
Bangsar Village II
Bangsar, Malaysia
+6 03 2287 8128
Open Monday – Sunday 10am – 10pm


  1. Muahahahaha!!! Oh dear! You will never believe this, so blur this old man. When I saw your blog title…before the photos appeared, I thought this would be a post on some Indian restaurant. Blush! Blush!

  2. Sounds like a good place to pamper the skin 🙂

  3. He he I've had facial analysis done before!
    The results were terrifying. Ha ha~

  4. its really amazing and effective treatment Facelift Surgery Delhi

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