Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand

 Kirsten Durward and Monica Tindall
Taking full advantage of Sri panwa’s unique location at the Southern tip of Phuket, Cool Spa sits up high with simply jaw dropping views of the ever-changing ocean and skies above.  I’ve seen some beautiful spas in some beautiful locations, but if, like me, you love that expanding feeling that comes from light on water, and the never ending horizon, then you’ll be completely blissed out here. The infinity pool glistens, reflecting the panorama of blues, silvers, golds and purples that thread through the luminous sky above.
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
View to the East
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
View to the West
Almost reluctantly I head to the interior, charming though it is with large soft cushioned sofas, open to the elements, allowing the breeze to run through. We take a cool sip of refreshing chrysanthemum tea and, a peppermint infused cold towel has us pressing and inhaling again and again. I thought that lemongrass scent was my favourite for cold compress, but I’m completely won over by this. Pressing my face into it and breathing deeply makes me feel instantly brighter. I must get some for my fridge at home…
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Fresh Flowers
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
More Flowers
A choice of six oils is offered for our deep relaxation massage. I hover over the Asian blend, which features jasmine and other local herbs before settling on the relaxation oil with cinnamon and black pepper. Monica plumps for the mood lifter of chamomile. Not that anyone should need a mood lifter in this location. But perhaps she’s still a little sleepy from her afternoon nap.
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Massage Oils
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
As everywhere in this luscious property offers divine ocean vistas, it’s no surprise when we enter a light and spacious room and once again see the silvery blue sea twinkling at us. We’re impressed by the stretchy boy-short massage briefs, which not only are made from our favourite fabric but even sport a label. We couldn’t be further than the mass massage markets of Patong.
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Foot Bath Balcony
Oh how I love massage! That moment of sweet surrender into someone else’s hands? Incomparable. This one is strong, deep tissue, delving into tricky knots and twists in the back. Well typing all these wondrous words for you to read can be tiring too you know! She digs in the shoulders with her elbow and I have to restrain from groaning at the sheer of the line between pleasure and pain. But soon that releases and we are into smooth rhythmic strokes where the warm aromatic oil is thoroughly marinated into my skin, and I finish with the lovely scent of spice lingering in my aura.
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Treatment Room
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Relaxation Area
Oh I could so enjoy another hour, or two or three of such treatment. But we’re due for cocktails on the roof at Baba Nest, so we rinse off in the spacious en suite. Another outdoor shower over looking the water? Can I bear it? Oh I think I can. The slivery light of evening is beginning to dawn, and the wind is sending clouds scurrying across the sky, ensuring another few minutes of photography as we try to capture this moment for eternity.
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Bathtub with a View
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Farewell Tea and Sesame Sweets
As well as having a simply spectacular location, Cool Spa offers a wide range of signature massages, facials, body treatments and spa packages, as well as delightfully sited hair and nail salon options. All treatment rooms have private en suite facilities, and sea views.
Cool Spa, Sri panwa, Phuket, Thailand
Reasons to visit: glorious location; sensational views; complete sense of well being; professional standard of treatments.
Cool Spa Sri panwa
88 Moo 8, Sakdidej Road
Vichit, Muang
+66 7637 1000
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