Healthy Restaurants in Bali, – Raw, Organic, Vegan & More

Bali is blessed with a mountain of organic produce and a population interested in healthy and sustainable eating. As such there is a wealth of restaurants proffering local, organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and macrobiotic cuisine. Here are The Yum List’s:

Five Favourite Healthy Cafes in Bali

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Zula, Vegetarian Paradise, Seminyak – This casual cafe in Seminyak is packed to the brim with organic products on its shelves and refrigerator. They also have an extensive menu of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, macrobiotic and raw options. We love their soups, salads and desserts. Don’t miss the Dragon Bargain. It is indeed a good deal with a serving of soup (must try the pumpkin and ginger), a bowl of salad (shredded mixed vegetables, tempeh and organic soba noodles) and bread with cashew cheese.
Divine Earth, Seminyak – Raw vegan cuisine. A wonderful list of fresh juices and smoothies is accompanied by a line up of raw vegan dishes. My favourite is the almond bread with cashew cheese and dried tomatoes and mushrooms.
Atman Cafe, Ubud – There’s something in this friendly cafe for everyone – vegan, vegetarian, raw, organic, gluten free, healthy. There are even some fish options for hubby who finds it hard to get through a meal without some animal consumption. The menu is extensive and children have been given good consideration too with a whole page of options that appeal to young appetites.
Clear Cafe, Ubud – This cafe shows just how interesting healthy cuisine can be. An awesome range of nutritious foods is on show in the cafe, and a quick take away outlet next door sells a collection of cookies, granola bars and raw chocolate. A must stop.
Sari Organik, Ubud – An idyllic walk through rice paddies is the path to this vegetarian restaurant. Not only is the setting blissful but the menu too is a gorgeous selection of tasty wholesome dishes. Packed with delicious options, you can even pick your own vegetables from the garden to cook for your lunch.
What healthy cafes have you discovered in Bali? Which are your favourites?


  1. Ummmm…no babi guling at any of these, I'm sure. LOL!!!

  2. the beverages in the photo look so deliciously and vibrantly wholesome! a wonderful way to start the morning 🙂

  3. What a useful guide! Thanks for sharing.

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