Home Delivery – Our List of Most Loved Delivery Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Traffic, work, lack of time – these are no longer excuses for not getting what you want: with the introduction of delivery services for just about anything in Kuala Lumpur you can get what you need delivered to your doorstep. Here’s a list of our most loved services:

Best Delivery Services in Kuala Lumpur

(Click on the title links for full details of each delivery service)
Delicious Detox Delivery – raw, organic, healthy food, meal replacements too

home delivery in KL
Delicious Detox Delivery
La Juiceria – fresh cold pressed juices and detox programs

KL home delivery
La Juiceria
Blaq Coffee – coffee beans roasted by local artisanal roasters

KL delivery
Blaq Coffee
My Seafood Mart – fresh and frozen local seafood

delivery to kuala lumpur
My Seafood Mart
Wine Talk with Room Service – wine handpicked by a sommelier according to your personal preferences

KL home delivery
Wine Talk with Room Service

What are your favourite delivery services in Kuala Lumpur?


  1. La Juiceria and My Seafood Mart look really interesting, must give those a try! Those wines from Wine Talk look very appetizing, too!

  2. What? Seriously?
    You can even get frozen lobsters these days? 😉

  3. room service! 🙂 numero uno! 🙂

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