Gobo Chit-Chat, Seafood Buffet, Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Gobo Chit-Chat, Seafood Buffet, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Words by Sarah and Ross Jones


Situated comfortably on the fifth floor of the well-established Traders Hotel, Gobo Chit Chat is a place where customers are invited to go and spend time enjoying a massive variety of fresh seafood and have a chat. The seafood buffet is an ongoing promotion on Friday and Saturday night that is all you can eat for RM108++ and begins at 6:30pm.
Gobo Chit-Chat takes great pride in its presentation, and a short walk around to strategize dining approach will be sure to impress patrons with their beautiful handiwork and variety.
We recommend starting with a cold seafood plate. In this section, you will find three different styles of cold seafood: Japanese sushi and rolls, smoked fish, and ice chilled shellfish. We enjoyed the freshness of the Japanese style salmon and tuna–it was well sliced and chilled to perfection.


As you move around to the other side of the chilled seafood station, you will find an enormous ice display of cold shellfish: Alaskan King, snow, and flower crabs, oysters, clams, prawns of all sizes, mussels, and freshwater crawfish or blue yabbies. These are all bursting with flavor and very fresh considering they are imported from around the world. The final part of the cold station was the smoked fish. This is not something that Sarah or myself gravitate to, but the smoked mackerel and salmon gravlax were excellent and earned a second trip.


The hot section of the buffet is divided into local and Western specialties. On the Western side you will find mussels in curry, garlic prawns, and a few chicken and lamb dishes. The local side presents a wide variety of styles such as a noodle bar, where customers can create their own noodle bowl, Chinese seafood cheese fried rice, and salted egg yolk prawns. There is also a Malaysian section that has an assortment of curries, rendang, and vegetables.


The highlight for us in this section was the grill. Customers can choose an assortment of seafood: prawns, freshwater lobster, squid, and salmon, or: chicken, beef, or lamb, all grilled to order. We both traveled back to this station to try as much as we could. One of the great things about the grill station was the simple nature of the preparation. It was described to us as a more paleo approach–no heavy sauces or seasonings. Just a simple chili and garlic, or salt and pepper. The chefs have an eye for preparedness and everything we tried was not overcooked or fishy. We particularly recommend the squid, salmon, and freshwater lobster in chili from this section.


We were also very impressed with the butter crab station. This is something that we had not tried before and likens itself to chili or black pepper crabs. The station is arranged so that the patron can choose their crabs (flower or mud) and their choice is immediately prepared in a claypot at the station and delivered to their table.The sauce contains butter, condensed milk, fresh curry leaves, cumin, and salt and lends a sweet but spicy flavor to the crabs. Eating butter crabs is a messy affair, but it is well worth it. Another perk is that the sauce left in the bottom of the claypot is excellent for dipping whatever else you have at your table.


The final stop in our seafood tour was at the well stocked dessert station. The highlight of this station is the melted cheesecake, chocolate chili pie, and chocolate torte. One can find all sorts of sweets here varying from small shooter sized desserts to a chocolate fountain. To go along with your meal, Gobo Chit-Chat has a great assortment of wines (only RM60++per bottle), beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.


Reasons to visit: Fresh seafood prepared the way you want it, great presentation, mud crabs, and grill station all at a reasonable price.

Gobo Chit Chat
Level 5
Traders Hotel
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Malaysia
+6 03 2332 9888
Open 6:30am-11pm

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  1. Seriously, who needs Red Lobster when we've got this? 😉

  2. Gosh, I love seafood & it's crab-biliious!

  3. Awesome seafood…but is that meat that I see?

  4. I'm not much into eating seafood, but the way it is served is beautiful!

  5. wow all the seafood! My mouth is watering..

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