Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve, Malaysia

Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Tucked away on the first floor of The Curve, behind a number of popular dining outlets, Urban Retreat Spa is easily accessed and user-oriented in its service.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
The Curve was specifically chosen as a location for Urban Retreat Spa as the owners wanted the benefits of massage to be accessible and convenient to all. Located near popular congregation spots such as the cinemas, shops, and grocery store, the idea is to bring the spa experience closer to customers’ daily lives.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Room for a Foot Bath
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Foot Bath Area
Priced between a home massage service and a luxury facility, Urban Retreat Spa offers quality treatments in a clean and pleasant environment at affordable prices. With over 20 therapists employed by the outlet, and enough rooms for up to 17 people to be cared for at one time, arranging an appointment is also usually trouble-free.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Waiting Lounge
Everything about the Urban Retreat Spa says, “Take a break. Come on relax.” From its convenient location to the softly lit rooms, to the gently spoken staff, this is a place where the process of unwinding begins way before the treatment. Ginger tea is served upon arrival and a footbath begins every massage.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Waiting Lounge
The menu is concise and focused primarily on massage. Body masks and scrubs are in the mix, but efforts are clearly concentrated on the direct benefits of human touch through massage.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Thai Massage Room
While there are a few interesting items on the list such as Thai Yoga Massage, Lymph Drainage Massage and Pregnancy Massage, it’s the Jet Lag Recovery and Deep Tissue Massage that grab our attention. We’re advised that to fully reap the advantages, a 90 minute session is ideal. We’re happy to agree as we’re both of similar opinion – 60 minutes just doesn’t seem like enough.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
More Reflexology Chairs
Hubby jumps at the Deep Tissue Massage mightily quickly when he hears that it’s highly suitable for athletes. Strong strokes with the hands, thumbs and elbows, reach into the deeper muscle layers releasing knots and tension. After the session hubby is clearly impressed with the power emitted from the hands of the masseuse, and Urban Retreat Spa gets his official thumbs up.
Jet Lag Recovery is described as being the ideal treatment to “banish fatigue and sluggishness associated with jet lag or long hours of driving.” Timed just before or after travel, it should aid in recovery time. Beginning with a ritual foot soak, areas of the body particularly susceptible to the effects of travel are then focused on one by one. First the upper back and body massage, followed by the feet, scalp, neck and shoulders, and finally the hands.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Massage Room
Immediately I’m struck by the strength of my petite therapist. Her pressure is firm and consistent from start to finish. She has a few tricks up her sleeve too that I experience for the first time. Facial massage includes the eye sockets, nose and even inside the ears. While the first part of the treatment would surely serve to relax tired stiff muscles after hours in one position, the final part dutifully assists the mind in exiting the fog often associated with jet lag.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Reflexology and Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage Chairs
Both sessions are completed with a wipe down of our skin with a warm moist towel, which removes excess oil. Before departure we’re once again offered a warm ginger tea, which brings our experience full circle: only by this stage our bodies are tension-free and our minds refreshed. A return to Urban Retreat Spa will definitely be scheduled on future agendas.
Urban Spa Retreat, The Curve
Ginger Tea
Reasons to visit: massage specialists catering to a variety of needs, good value for money.
Urban Retreat Spa
Lot 157, First Floor, The Curve
Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia
+6 03 6211 3116
+6 03 7731 9829
+6 012 221 7820
+6 017 8813 299
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