Greek Bakery, Adelaide

Kalymnos Pastries, Adelaide, South Australia, Greek Bakery

Kalymnos Pastries

For over 20 years Kalymnos Pastries has been serving the Torrensville community and greater Adelaide with delicious Greek pastries and friendly service.  A bit of an icon in the foodie city, chef George Diakomichalis and his family are well known by pastry lovers all over the state.

Kalymnos Pastries, Adelaide
Patisserie Facade

Greek Pastry Chef

The delicious sweet treats baked by the Kalymnos Pastries team have even gained international repute in recent years with George invited by 5-star hotels overseas to bring a taste of Greece to their diners. Starring in a TV show and also leading yearly culinary tours to the island of Kalymnos, has too caused wide-spread fame for all things sweet flaky Greek and delicious.

We meet George on a sunny spring morning and, even though we’ve known him for a number of years now, can’t help but be swept up by his energy and enthusiasm – not just for pastry, but for people and life in general. A big hug greets us and we feel like we’re part of the big happy Greek family, where everyone is cared for and included.
Kalymnos Pastries, Adelaide
Kalymnos Pastries, Torrensville
Greek Desserts
From the Display

Kalymnos Pastries Menu

Regulars buzz in and out of Kalymnos Pastries carrying away boxes of treats. Others linger over a cup of coffee and a snack, and more stroll past waving hello to George and staff on their way. There’s a neighbourhood feel to this place and it becomes obvious as we chunter more that loyalty is valued and everyone is made feel special in this place. George humbly reveals that in 20 years, staff have taken less than a handful of sick days: the testimony of a great place to work I think.
Greek Sweets
Behind the Scenes
We can’t resist indulging in some petite pleasures at Kalymnos Pastries while catching up.
Baklava Roll with Hazelnut Praline is a roll of layered pastry moistened with sugar syrup and topped with a large dark pearl of hazelnut cream. As we bite into the sticky round, a spurt of liquid fills the mouth. Yum!
Kalymnos Pastries, Adelaide
Baklava Roll
Hubby finds the creamy Galaktobareko irresistible. A plump tower of custardy cream is held together by a very thin sandwich of honeyed pastry, and the mooshy centre squeezes out in heavenly pleasure when bitten into.
kalymnos pastries
Mini Baklava Rolls are all-round favourites at Kalymnos Pastries. Again the same flaky moist and sweet pastry encases a delightful interior, which is brimming with crushed nuts.
Kalymnos Pastries, Adelaide
Mini Baklava Roll
Finally, Flogieres, kataif pastry and almonds rolled in filo pastry and soaked in syrup, proves just as mouth-watering.
Kalymnos Pastries, Adelaide

When in Adelaide be sure to grab some energy (in both calories and mood) from Kalymnos Pastries.

Reasons to visit: a positive neighbourhood café vibe; mouthwatering Greek pastries – all of them!

Kalymnos Pastries
3/158 Henley Beach Road
South Australia, 5031
+ 61 8 8443 9333
[email protected]

Kalymnos Pastries Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm


  1. I'm sure pastries taste extra good when made by warm-hearted, friendly people!

  2. Greek pastries. Tried once, very nice but a tad too sweet for me. Not sure if that goes across the board, like the very nice but very sweet Indian sweets, or I just happened to get to try the very sweet ones.

  3. Nothing like a homey, friendly neighbourhood café where everybody knows your name!

  4. Highly recommended. Spanikopita is sooo good too.

  5. As a general rule, Greeks are awesome when it comes to making pastries. That much I know..

  6. They look really good! And Chef George has a lovely smile! 🙂

  7. greek and mediterranean pastries, sweets and other desserts are always so enjoyable! 😀

  8. STOP! I'm salivating … gotta get down there NOW!!

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