So Spa, Sofitel Resort and Spa, Sentosa, Singapore

So Spa goes way beyond what we expect to find in the compact space-challenged city of Singapore. High standards and excellent treatments are assumed, but a complete estate of serenity-inducing facilities is a complete surprise.
So Spa, Sofitel Resort and Spa, Sentosa, Singapore
Grounds of So Spa
Located on Sentosa Island, So Spa is planted on its own expanse of lush grounds, gifting guests with a private tropical sanctuary in which to luxuriate after a treatment. Leading up to the property a roundabout, covered with plants and an elegant sculpture, gives the first inkling that an experience at So Spa will be one infused with beauty and nature.
So Spa, Sofitel Resort and Spa, Sentosa, Singapore
So Spa, Singapore Resort and Spa, Sentosa
The only requirement to use the amenities is the purchase of a minimum one-hour treatment. We indulge in the signature massage in a couple’s room. Beginning with a foot soak and scrub, we’re then whisked to the adjoining salon to have our bodies pummeled, kneaded and stroked into a state of pure bliss. Our strong therapists use knuckles, thumbs and heels of their hands to reach deep into our muscles relieving them of tension and loosening knots. Using a balm, instead of oil, our skin is left with the soft scent of vanilla and we’re happy to leave it on after the session, as it doesn’t have that sticky feel that oil treatments often leave.
So Spa, Singapore Resort and Spa, Sentosa
Spa Room
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Outdoor Private Spa Villa
So Spa, Sofitel Resort and Spa, Sentosa, Singapore
Treatment Begins with a foot soak.
so spa, sentosa
Hot and Cold Dipping Pools
So Spa, Sofitel Resort and Spa, Sentosa, Singapore
After Treatment Refreshments
We highly recommend allowing a generous amount of extra time to fully bask in the magnificent grounds and facilities of the property, as did we.
The Labyrinth
The spiral maze whisks away thoughts of our harried lifestyle to the non-communicable depths of our minds, as we’re swept up with a sense of enchantment and green surrounds. Entering we’re advised to use the spiral path to clear our thoughts, leave our worries behind and exit with a revitalized spirit and refreshed mind.
So Spa, Sofitel Resort and Spa, Sentosa, Singapore
The Mud Pool
It’s proclaimed that volcanic mud has an energizing and purifying effect on the skin. We apply a thick layer over our legs and arms and let is dry out naturally as we lounge under the sun. Once completely free of moisture, it brushes off like powder, and we rid ourselves of the final remains with an outdoor jet shower.
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Volcanic Mud Bath
The Float Pool
The surface of a lagoon shaped pond ripples with the vibrations of a waterfall cascading into its depths. A rock wall and lush tropical plants surround the pool forging the impression of isolated falls in our very own Garden of Eden. Floating mattresses provide a dreamy bed for drifting on the water’s top, or stationing under the plummeting torrents, allowing the streams to massage muscles and invigorate the spirit.
So Spa, Sofitel Resort and Spa, Sentosa, Singapore
The Float Pool
So Spa, Singapore Resort and Spa, Sentosa
Relaxation Area – Female Only Section
The Swimming Pool
Bordered with deck chairs and white umbrellas, the rectangular swimming pool looks a stylish place for bikini-clad bodies to loll and stretch. Clean contemporary lines are backed with a wall of white frangipanis, and we imagine a good book and a tall cool drink further enhancing a session of repose.
so sap
Swimming Pool
Reasons to visit: quality treatments; beautiful natural surrounds; purchase of an hour treatment allows use of the wonderful outdoor facilities.
So Spa
The Singapore Resort and Spa Sentosa
2 Bukit Manis Road
Singapore 099891
+65 6371 1288
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  1. I wonder what the scenery is like in the vicinity of the resort – nice breathtaking views?

  2. The scenery is gorgeous and captivating, and I love the waterfalls!!! This is a place I could enjoy, my favourite colour is green, I love nature and waterfalls have always been something I have found to be soothing. 🙂

  3. I'm in! Love to be pampered.

  4. this spa looks so serene! and really in touch with nature too 🙂

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