The Yum List Goals for 2015

It’s hard to believe how quickly 2014 flew past. We had loads of memorable experiences for which we are truly grateful: these moments have opened our minds and our hearts in further learning where our meals come from and discovering more about the hard working people that get food from the paddock to our plates. Sharing the journey with these wonderful people has opened our eyes to what a delicate and out of balance system we have going. This year, 2015, we hope to share more of our learnings with our readers and make better food choices together: we’d like to eat with more of a conscience and help you to make informed choices too. We’re far from perfect, but believe that every positive step we take can make a difference.

Here are some of the things we’re looking for in 2015:

Kirsten is searching for warm and welcoming environments to share with friends; fresh, original food with exciting flavours; people who are passionate about their concept; and innovative cocktails with a convincing kick.

Weekend morning meals are a treat for Kristen and her family, who love finding cozy places that encourage extended stays so they can hang out with a good book or play a board game. Of course, this is in addition to a great breakfast and excellent coffee. In 2015 she will continue her quest, while also searching for more restaurants that source locally and serve food with the environment in mind.

Monica C will be searching for two things: a restaurant enterprise with a social conscious (i.e. providing job training for at risk youth; food waste reduction/management practices), and healthy and creative kids meals/menus.

Gerry wants to explore new areas of eco-tourism based on participation, getting dirty, and having lots of fun.

Suji will be looking for hearty, healthy food at good value so she can take her two teenagers out without breaking the bank!

Patricia’s searching for hidden gems and holes-in-the-wall that serve unexpectedly good food and drinks. She’s love a surprise! And… more beautiful cocktails that aren’t too sugary.

Sarah is on the look out for unique eating experiences with fresh ingredients paired with interesting wines or beers.

Polly, after recently being introduced to Kristang, or Portuguese Malaacan food, has decided that in 2015 she’ll seek out cuisines that are new to her; it’ll mean a fair bit of travel but hey, somebody has to do it!

Ross is seeking a real Cuban sandwich and a good food truck or two…

Annelene is looking for places that feel different, where the staff are welcoming and make guests feel at home, where service is above average and where customers are cared for.

Han Sen will be looking for a cure to rid himself of his Asian flush, if it’s even remotely possible to defy his genetic make-up, and to photograph some of the snazziest and quirkiest cafés around town. (Bring on more wine we say 😉

As a beer lover, Alasdair, is searching for a wider selection of beers than the usual four brands most places serve. He’s hoping to discover a few more choices this year.

Naomi will be looking for restaurants with unique desserts that succeed in satisfying a gnawing sweet tooth.

Louise will be looking for places with charm and character be it in the form of quirky decor, warm hospitality or knowledgable staff who are passionate foodies, able and willing to answer questions about the food and the story behind it.

Araceli is on the hunt for charming and artistic cafes and wine bars.

Caning is hoping to find new drinks, boutique spirits and beers to excite his taste buds. At the same time he looks forward to finding artistic restaurants with good attention to detail, and great customer service.

Monica will continue searching for:

* delicious food that’s good for the body, environment and our global community

* hotels and resorts that have strong CSR policies

* vegetarian dishes

* organic and biodynamic wines

* small producers and independent small businesses

* quality spas that go the extra mile

If you have any leads to help us find our passions please drop us your ideas in the comment box below. All the best everyone for a safe, fun and fulfilling 2015!

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  1. I have complete confidence in this team to provide us with more mouthwatering yums and noms option in 2015! Keep up the good work!

  2. Happy New Year to all the members of The Yum List!

  3. I have no doubt that The Yum List team will achieve its goal for 2015….and more! Caught your comments on food trends in 2015 in "What's for dinner?"…totally support healthy eating (but the food must taste good, of course) and farm-to-table concept. Looking forward to more fantastic reviews from your team in 2015!

  4. Many people supporting you and the Yum List. That's good. Happy New Year.


  5. Happy New Year to the entire Yum List team that does such a magnificent job with their words and photos all the time! Warm wishes that all your goals will become a delicious reality! 🙂

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all find and share! Happy 2015!!

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