Chopstick Diner, Healthy Lunch Delivery, Kuala Lumpur

Our second round of trying healthy lunch delivery companies sees us checking out Chopstick Diner. First impression of the website is that it’s very easy to navigate. Colourful photos, clearly marked prices and detailed product descriptions have us placing our requests within minutes.
The following day a delivery boy gives us a call, we go down to meet him, and have our midday meal ready to go. As the options are cold, we can pop them in our refrigerator and eat at our own convenience. The whole experience has been rather effortless on our part. Trouble-free website, carefree drop off and ease of storage.
We try out two of their six options. Roasted Eggplant and Pumpkin Salad with Tahini Dressing (RM15) is a simply put together mix of large chunks of eggplant and soft vibrant pumpkin over a bed of fresh greens. Juicy pomegranate is sprinkled throughout, and the dressing is conveniently stored separately allowing us to add at our own will.
chopstick diner
Roasted Eggplant and Pumpkin Salad with Tahini Dressing
For the second choice, we like the fact that we can order Half and Half (RM15) and get to taste two dishes in one sitting. Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken travel well together in one box as the rice paper wrapped rolls and lettuce have their sauces in independent containers so there’s no blending of flavours. Brightly coloured, the cylinders are filled with purple cabbage, red capsicum, rice noodles, thin slices of chicken and served with a spicy dip. The salad sees cos lettuce cupping hard-boiled egg halves and two slices of grilled chicken. Croutons and beef bacon bits provide additional crunch.
Chopstick Diner, Healthy Lunch Delivery
Half and Half – Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
Both dishes are obviously fresh and appear to have been made almost immediately before delivery. We especially appreciate the serving of seasonings apart from the main meal gifting us control of adding them (or not). Flavours too are uncomplicated and each ingredient easily identifiable.
Chopstick Diner, Healthy Lunch Delivery
Close Up of the Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Six dishes are currently available for lunch and ordering is straightforward via their website. Purchases above RM50 waive the delivery fee, and should be submitted before 10pm for the following working day.
Reasons to order: easy to navigate website; convenient healthy lunches delivered to your door.
Chopstick Diner
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  1. This (as do the other ones reviewed earlier) looks really yummy and healthy. One only needs to think a bit ahead for the following day's lunch… Also like the idea of cold foods that don't need to be eaten straight away.

  2. So colourful and healthy!

  3. That looks really delicious. And what a treat for a lunch bucket!

  4. Pretty and fresh looking! Its good to be able to eat it later if need be, although it would be hard to resist those spring rolls!

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