Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day, Cedar on 15, Impiana KLCC

Words:  Louise Miller    Photos: Monica Tindall

The elegance and contemporary feel of the bright and airy restaurant area are what characterise my first impression of Cedar on 15. The glossy black lacquered tables, red and cream upholstered chairs and metallic abstract sculptures beneath the cool and curvy amber light fittings make for a stylish and refined decor which, coupled with the cool bar area offering a great KLCC vista, make for an appropriate setting for any amorous Valentine’s Day tête à tête.

The special Valentine’s Day Love Potion cocktail creates the perfect opening for a romantic evening: a vodka based concoction, the strawberry and cranberry juices stain it pretty deep pink and the flavours will be sure to refresh and set the mood.
Love Potion Cocktail
The starter is Seared Salmon ‘Tataki’. Its arrival at our table had us gasping with delight at the sheer beauty of the dish. Little cubes of potato and green apples interspersed amongst cylindrical towers of coiled carrot and cucumber slices all surrounded the seared salmon star feature which was cooked exactly as I like it: the caramelised glaze imparted a sweet succulence to the outside of the fish which, in the middle was delicate, glassy and so very fresh. All of this was complemented by the super freshness of the vegetables and the feathery fronds of dill, the mini mounds of grated daikon radish and tasty ponzu dressing.
Seared Salmon ‘Tataki’ with Potato Apple Salad, Grated Daikon and Ponzu Dressing
Next before us was the Grilled Loin of Beef. The cut of Australian Black Angus was served with potato brandade, braised baby carrots and zucchini and stone ground peppercorn-mustard sauce. Bursting with flavour, the first bite of the juicy and tender meat upheld Cedar on 15’s right to a place high up in KL’s best steak list. The carrot and zucchini had just the right amount of bite and the chunky potato brandade fries coated in breadcrumbs were golden and crispy on the outside and velvety smooth inside. The sauce was divine: so intensely flavoursome (hardly surprising given that the base is made from a reduction of 100 down to 1 litre of stock) the jus had the right balance of sharpness and heat from the mustard and peppercorns with the rich meatiness of the stock. Simply delicious!
Grilled Loin of Beef served with Potato Brandade, Braised Vegetables and Stone Ground Peppercorn-Mustard Sauce
As if this dish weren’t enough to satisfy our carnivorous cravings, we were surprised next by a special preview of another beef option making its début on Cedar on 15’s à la carte menu. It seemed that Chef Gerald was keen to show off this dish as it had clearly been some time in the planning due to the sourcing of the very special salty component. When told that we were about to try the Wagyu Beef on Himalayan Salt Rock (RM128), I had doubted that anything could match the deliciousness the Grilled Loin of Beef that we’d just enjoyed but oh how wrong I was!
The Australian Wagyu ribeye was brought to us on the pale pink salt block, bore seared criss-cross griddle lines and was accompanied by tomatoes roasted on the vine. My knife sank into the meat as if it were butter and the taste and texture were sublime. So rich and buttery was the flavour of the meat that I took some convincing from the chef that no butter had been used in its preparation. The natural butteriness comes from the Grade 7 marbling of the beef which is of such fine quality that nothing else is needed.
After searing, the beef is placed on the heated block of salt which further flavours the meat. This works so well! The saltiness is subtle at first and so ridiculously delicious however, it’s worth noting that the longer the beef stays on the block, the saltier is becomes so we would suggest removing it from the block soon after its delivery to your table.
Wagyu Beef on Himalayan Salt Rock

Delicious Veggies: Potatoes, Asparagus, Baby Carrots and Button Onions
As the salt block was removed and plates whisked away and replaced by a fresh set, I considered how soon I could return to order this dish again without seeming a little obsessed. My contemplation of this conundrum was interrupted by the arrival of the Mini Cherry Clafoutis. The Valentine’s Day dessert of traditional French tartlets delivered a sweet note to the end of our meal and was accompanied by berry compote, fresh berries and a silky smooth and extremely creamy vanilla ice-cream.

Mini Cherry Clafoutis served with Berry Compote. Fresh Berries and Vanilla Ice-Cream

In addition to the dishes that we tasted, Valentine’s Day diners will be treated to Beauty and the Beast, a cream of spinach and beetroot soup; a palate cleansing Granita and Chocolate Pralines with coffee or tea at the end of the meal. The beef can be replaced by chicken or fish if requested in advance and a vegetarian menu is also available.

Private Dining Room at Cedar on 15
The Valentine’s menu is available only on February 14th from 6:30pm to 10:30pm and is priced at RM488++ per couple with wine pairing and at RM388++ per couple without wine.
Reasons to visit: Just in case I hadn’t made this clear earlier, the beef alone is reason to visit this lovely restaurant but if that doesn’t appeal, all of the food is great as are the cocktails and the cool, sophisticated vibe.
Cedar on 15
Impiana Hotel KLCC
13 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2147 1111
Opening hours:
12pm-2:30pm (Monday – Friday)
5pm – 2am (Daily)
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  1. Brilliant ambiance, beautiful food.

  2. I love this place…and the Valentine's Day set look gorgeous! The Tataki is quite a talking point, but certainly not style over substance 🙂 Do they deliver to Oz??

  3. Lovely place, very spacious.

  4. Already?! V day has arrived so early this year. 😉

  5. All looks lovely. I like that chair in the dinning room and the ceiling is very different.

  6. A beautiful setting for a very special Valentine's celebration.
    Those grilled veggies are blincking on me 🙂

  7. Drooling over the hunk of beef… i guess history repeats itself… i don't have a date still :'(

  8. Monica, I love that love potion drink…looks wonderful. It really is a beautiful setting for a Valentine dinner, and I'll bet it has a big price tag!

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