Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika, Kuala Lumpur

Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika

Ellen Smillie and Alasdair Hamilton with Monica Tindall
Do not shy away from a restaurant with a name like Fiercer, though the name does say it all – the food definitely holds its own in the mass of restaurants that neighbour it in the gourmet destination of Publika Mall. With a deep history of providing authentic Northern Indian food to KL this restaurant and its attention to detail in the decor and food is a place you do not want to miss. Located Publika’s sea of restaurants Fiercer stands out for being one of the few authentic North Indian dining options in all of Malaysia.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Fiercer Bar
Fiercer is one of the family restaurants started by the Jethwani family. Their first restaurant Bangles, began its famed history in Kuala Lumpur 50 years ago. Known for its classic dishes of biryani this was a gastronomic hotspot. Flash forward to 2011 and Fierce Curry House was opened by the son of Bangles restaurant owner, Herukh Jethwani. Fierce is known for its scrumptious Southern and Northern Indian dishes. Wanting to get back to the roots of Bangles, Fiercer was opened in 2014. The food at Fiercer starts with recipes from the Bangles cookbook handed down from generation to generation in the Jethwani family, perfected with time. Not all dishes are your typical Northern Indian yet rather than fusion, it is expansion.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Fiercer – Tables set for evening dining
Walking into the restaurant you are struck by its modern and comfortable settings. Beautiful paintings adorn the walls with hanging lights to illuminate. Upon further inspection it is the small touches that make this place truly authentic. From the hanging banana leaf containers around the modern bar area to the vintage biryani pots as lights, this is a place to truly enjoy food.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Kingfisher Beer – A great accompaniment to and Indian meal
We started with Pani Puri (RM10). An appetizer of perfectly crisped and puffed wafers with an inside of potatoes and peas all balanced with a slight heat that brought out the flavors even more. We poured in the mint sauce and sweet tamarind all combined into one giant but delectable bite.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Pan Puri
Then came the Chicken Tikka (RM20). On first taste you notice the difference from other tikka typically served in Northern Indian restaurants. The meat was tender and juicy with no bone or gristle. This is because the meat here is boneless skinless chicken thigh, no more dry wasted bits of tikka for you! We highly recommend dipping it in the homemade mint sauce with a spritz of lime and a garnish of seasoned onion.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Chicken Tikka Malai
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Chicken Tikka Haryali
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Lamb Sheek Kebab
As our taste buds warmed we sampled the refreshing mango and masala lassi. The Masala Lassi (RM9) is not for those with a sweet tooth, but instead has a refreshing salty and spiced chai tea type flavoring, while the Mango Lassi (RM9) is sweet with rich yogurt to cool down the taste buds.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Masala Lassi
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Mango Lassi with a Splash of Malibu – Yum! (Stay tuned as Fiercer will soon be introducing their very own signature cocktails)
Leave room for the curry because this is where the attention to detail is put on display. Being a huge fan of any dal dish, it was love at first bite with the Tadka Dal (RM15). The lentils were just cooked still maintaining a slight firmness, and combined with the fresh ingredients of onions, tomatoes and green chillies, made for a tantalizing plate.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Tadka Dal
The Chicken Makhanwala (RM25) with its juicy chicken and creamy sauce is another crowd favorite. An original creation however is the Orange Prawns Double Braised (RM38), garnished with sliced oranges. The thick velvety sauce was well balanced with citrus, sweetness, a slight heat and soothing butteriness. The Mutton Rogan Josh had a rich tomato and garlic sauce to balance the full flavored meat, and made perfect dipping for the accompanying Indian breads.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Orange Prawns Double Braised
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Chicken Makhanwala (Butter Chicken)
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Mutton Rogan Josh
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Jeera Aloo (sauteed potatoes drizzled with roasted cumin)
The crowd pleaser and must have though is the King Prawn Biryani (RM80). With over 29 ingredients to the biryanis, this dish has all the flavors you could want. A slight spice with refreshing flavors of coriander all topped with succulent shrimp – you cannot go wrong!
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
King Prawn Biryani
Swiping all the sauce up with the Lacha Paratha (RM7) we of course left our plates clean and our stomachs satisfied and more than content.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
North Indian Cuisine
To end the meal we had a wonderful spin on roti, Nutella Roti (RM10) with a scoop of Last Polka Guinness ice cream (RM9.80). The roti was soft and buttery and the Nutella absolutely melted in our mouths. You really can put Nutella on anything. Also on the menu is a mango mousse made with alphonso mangoes to give it a sweet yet tart taste and creamy texture.
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Nutella Roti and Guinness Ice Cream
fiercer publika
Mango Mousse
Fiercer, North Indian Cuisine, Publika
Chocolate Mousse – Something light to end a heavier meal
Fiercer is a dining experience you must experience. The delicious food, attention to detail and wonderful ambience all contribute to a night that you will not forget.
Reasons to visit: chic take on Pani Puri; moist Chicken Tikka; original Orange Prawns Double Braised; velvety Butter Chicken; rich Mutton Curry; and a contemporary setting to enjoy authentic north Indian cuisine.
Fiercer by Fierce Curry House
D1-G3-5 Solaris Dutamas/ Publika
Jalan Solaris Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
019 770 1945
+6 03 6211 2066
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  1. Been to Fierce, very nice! Saw your photo in their menu. Gotta check this new place out the next time I hop over.

  2. A glass of refreshing icy cold lassi would be awesome!

  3. I am not a fan of curry, as I don't like hot and spicy foods, but I must say that the Lassi beverages look very tempting and their presentations are lovely…the potatoes look delicious and would be something I would want to try!

  4. Yummy, we really like this bit superb quality Indian, too. Next time will try that fancy Pani Puri!

  5. Oh, a pani puri starter…how delightful….I've only eaten big-ass ones!

  6. Just like what we have in England! 🙂
    I actually prefer North Indian food, it's less spicy. 🙂

  7. All looks lovely and fresh.

  8. I used to love Fierce Curry House! And the 'sister' restaurant looks fab 🙂

  9. Wonderful stuff, Thank you.

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