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Blaq Coffee, Coffee Delivery Subscription Service, KL

Blaq Coffee subscription is one of our favourite delivery services in Kuala Lumpur. It’s rather simple really. A team of experts source the best coffee from top small batch coffee roasters in Malaysia. Each month they select four single origins from four different coffee regions from four of their favourite roasters. This quartet of delicious roasts gets delivered to your door in the first week of every month. Each bag is clearly labeled with tasting notes.
Blaq Coffee, Coffee Delivery Subscription Service, Malaysia
This Month’s Coffee Stash
You get to expand your taste buds and try different roasts, beans and regions without leaving your home, or risking substandard experiences – the experts have already selected the best!
Blaq Coffee, Coffee Delivery Subscription Service, Malaysia
The Roast Things
Blaq Coffee subscription has made our lives oh so much more interesting (and pleasantly caffeinated). Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and make awesome gifts (hint, hint 😉 And… shipping is free!
Blaq Coffee, Coffee Delivery Subscription Service, Malaysia
Freshly Ground Coffee Ready for Brewing
Black Coffee rocks!
+ 6 012 337 0117
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  1. I think this works for a big city, we might not need it here in Penang, considering our jam is not that bad and the distance is not as great as compared to KL

  2. I really would not know which to choose. Which one is your favourite? Sure wouldn't mind trying…hint…hint! LOL!!!

  3. Ha ha… I'm still very a teh-c person. 🙂

  4. Hello, being a coffee lover, this sounds awesome to me… A great idea.. have a happy day!

  5. Well, now…isn't that just an innovative idea?

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