Jazz, Burgers and Cocktails

The Iron Fairies – Jazz, Burgers & Cocktails, Bangkok

Seems Iron Fairies is one of the most talked about bars in Bangkok. Out of the 10 or so mates I asked for recommendations of places to visit in the city, Iron Fairies came up nine times!
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Lounge Area
bangkok jazz bar
The Iron Fairies, Bangkok
Once we got past the “coolness” of the place discussion – clad from floor to ceiling in a wacky fantasy décor filled with fairies made of steel, tapered helical staircases leading to nowhere, bottles of ‘potions’ and ‘fairy dust’ lining the walls, heavy wooden beams, stuff made from leather and dark shimmery fabric, secret rooms, hidden doors, and a general mood of Medieval magic – words of praise also surfaced for one of the best burgers in the city, innovative cocktails and the regular swinging jazz musicians.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Upstairs Lounge
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Bar Stools and Iron Figures
The Iron Fairies – Jars of Fairy Dust
So here we are, ready to snap Australian creator, Ashley Sutton’s fanciful design, and sample some of those celebrated burgers and cocktails.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Private Room Accessed by a Miniature Door
the iron fairies
Fairy Dust
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
The Secret Door that gives us access to our private room
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Quite a Feast!
Served on a thick wooden chopping board, the Binzy Beef Burger (THB330) is stabbed top through bottom with a wood-handled blade assuring the plump burger stays together. The recipe for “one of the best burgers in Bangkok” is a simple one: soft white bread rolls, lettuce, sliced cheddar cheese, red onion rings, tomato slices and a rotund moist homemade beef patty. A metal basket of crisp fries are as good as fries get and a petite bowl of shredded red cabbage coleslaw feigns a healthy side.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Binzy Beef Burger
Merv’s Fish Burger (THB260) resembles the first burger with its white seeded roll, fries and coleslaw. The middle however showcases a battered and deep fried fillet of white fish, avocado and tartar sauce on top of the other regular partners. The smooth mild creaminess of the filling appeals to hubby. I think it would be better with a jalapeño, splash of balsamic or something sharp to break the uniformity. Hubby happily polishes it off on his own.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Merv’s Fish Burger
Plenty of shreds of fresh crustacean wad the Cajun Crab Cakes (THB310). Two patties are arranged in a tower and simply but prettily adorned, with avocado and mango slices spiraling out from the edges. Sauces made from the same stick the cakes together. They’re pretty good and warrant a reorder.
the iron fairies, bangkok
Cajun Crab Cakes
Original Buffalo Wings (THB240 for 6 pieces) are coated in a thick pasty spicy and sweet sauce that does justice to the term “finger-licking-good.” Cucumber, carrot and celery crudités with an aerated blue cheese dip pretend to add some nutrition to the indulgent wings. These too have hubby hoping that I won’t find them as pleasurable as he – no luck buddy – pass me my share 😉
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Original Buffalo Wings
Half dozen Irish Premium Oysters (THB690) glisten on a tray of rock salt with a wedged lemon dividing them. Flavourful, creamy and mildly salty, they’d go well with a little Champers.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Irish Premium Oysters
Signature Drinks
Cocktails are formulated by Joseph Boroski and “crafted from fresh ingredients, premium spirits, and syrups and tinctures homemade by the fairies.” At least that’s what the menu says.
Watermelon Daiquiri with Fairy Dust Burnt Marshmallow (THB280) is served in a martini glass with the spice coated sweet skewered on a toothpick and laid across the top. Pampero rum, lime and honey boost this tropical, fruity, and fresh cocktail. It’s our favourite of the night.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Watermelon Daiquiri with Fairy Dust Burnt Marshmallow
Smoke in a Bottle #1 (THB330) comes as a red liquid in a slim cork-capped potion bottle. A glass of ice and blueberries awaits its friendship. Blueberry infused Ketel One vodka, elderflower, sage, cassis and cocoa smoke layer ingredients that hubby likens to the taste of a Thai temple.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Smoke in a Bottle #1
As you might expect in a place rife with sorcery and incantations, “Special Absinthe Cocktails,” once contraband in many countries, get their own list. Oft reputed for prompting drinkers to “see the fairies” they make worthy signature drinks. Legendary Absinthe (THB380), sometimes also referred to as the Green Fairy, arrives in a mini-carafe with a shot glass as the suggested receptacle. La Fee Parisienne brand is mixed with a dash of sugar and ice cold water to formulate the classic.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
Legendary Absinthe
Live music is played most nights from 9pm onwards and The Iron Fairies have been known to get in some real talent. As such, no table reservations are taken for after 8pm, as the place gets really crowded. All seating comes on a first come, first served basis. A dress code is maintained and patrons are asked to dress smartly with men requested to wear closed toe shoes.
Iron Fairies, bar, Bangkok
The Stage
Reasons to visit: unique atmosphere with intrigue and surprise found in every nook and cranny;
live music; great burgers; Watermelon Daiquiri with Fairy Dust Burnt Marshmallow.
Iron Fairies
402 Soi Thonglor
Sukhumvit 55 Rd
Bangkok, Thailand
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  1. Reminds me of a Thai movie I saw long ago – the Iron Ladies. 😀

  2. What a unique name! Looks very interesting.

  3. This looks like a really cool place for burgers and drinks.. I love the decor and the name.. Great review. Have a happy new week!

  4. A Rustic place, but it's different.
    Irish oysters – never thought about that until now….bit like our Tasmanian ones on the opposite side of the world.

  5. i could just sink into those sofas and just drown myself with cocktails till closing time! 😀

  6. Irish oysters! They look great.
    I'd go one better than Sean – I wouldn't mind being
    locked in overnight!

  7. What a unique place! Love the spooky ambiance! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Really interesting place indeed!
    Bit dark inside though…

  9. Looks like an old library. Funny.


  10. A very unusual name and really fabulous presentations of food.

  11. Funky! The decor looks so atmospheric too. What a find!

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