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Kenny Hills Bakers, Bukit Tunku, KL

Aisling Cullen and Monica Tindall
Nestled in a row of shop houses in a leafy and peaceful setting is Kenny Hills Bakers, a new bakery specialising in stone milled flour and organic ingredients for their breads and pastries.  The interior very much reflects the artisanal style baked goods that they sell – large bags of organic flour are displayed under the counter and the breads and pastries are the main focal point on entering the café.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Kenny Hills Bakers
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Kenny Hills Baker
This bakery has limited seating inside, so we chose a table outside under the fans for our lunch.  We were told that the menu changes on a regular basis as the owners love to explore new dishes that complement their breads.
Firstly we tried the croissants (RM7) which are the star of the baked products.  Flakey, buttery and fluffy, these are among the best croissants that you will find in KL. They come in three varieties – classic, almond and rich Belgian chocolate, each as good as the next.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Almond and Chocolate Croissants
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Chocolate Croissant
The coffee is chosen especially to match the pastries at this café and it does not disappoint. It’s smooth, mellow and full bodied, complementing the pastries nicely. Coffees are from RM8 for a long black and RM10 for a flat white or cappuccino. Organic teas are RM9.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Long Black
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Flat White
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Hot Chocolate
We tried a selection of sandwiches which are listed on the chalkboard as you enter the café.  We chose a Chicken Pesto with Sundried Tomatoes on a croissant (RM16); though you can choose a different type of bread if you prefer. This sandwich was light and herby, and the croissant added a crunch to the generous chicken filling.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Chicken Pesto Croissant
The House Cured Salmon sandwich came on a poppy seed bagel (RM18). The bagel lived up to expectations – it was springy and dense, just as a bagel should be. A thick layer of cream cheese and tangy capers completed the experience.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Salmon Bagel
The Vietnamese Bahn Mi (RM18) was the highlight of all the sandwiches.  The shredded chicken was set in a stonemill crusty loaf with fresh herbs, shredded carrot and a light chicken liver parfait.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Vietnamese Bahn Mi
Next up was a brunch dish of Eggs Flamenco (RM21).  We opted for the vegetarian version which consisted of baked organic eggs with roasted veg, chickpeas and a tomato coulis, topped with Grueyre cheese. It’s also possible to have this with Spanish chorizo.  It was definitely a brunch dish worth returning for.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Vegetarian Eggs Flamenco
The Vanilla French Toast (RM20) consisted of brioche bread served on a sizzling platter with banana butterscotch sauce and blueberries. The bread was thick, sweet and eggy. I think a dollop of crème fraîche would really set it off.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
French Toast

Also noteworthy was the Beef and Portobello Mushroom Pie (RM18).  Large chunks of striploin beef were packed into this pie, with a crusty pastry that had the right level of firmness.  The gravy oozed out from the crumbly pastry and had the perfect consistency so the pastry doesn’t get soggy.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Beef and Portobello Mushroom Pie
We then moved onto the desserts. One of our favourites (and also quite healthy – gluten free, raw and vegan) was the Mango and Chia Seed Pudding.  This was simply made with the chia seeds soaked in coconut milk and blended mangoes topped with organic sunflower seeds. The pudding wasn’t too sweet and was a refreshing treat.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Mango Chia Seed Pudding
For a more indulgent option, we enjoyed a Bread and Butter Pudding  (RM16) made with croissants, organic eggs and fresh vanilla pods. The vanilla ice cream is also made from scratch and the portions are generous.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Bread and Butter Pudding
Another memorable dessert is the Apple Pie which consisted of huge chunks of cinnamon flavoured apples which had a slight bite in the middle. The pastry was once again crumbly, not too thick, and had a crunchy sugared topping.  It was also accompanied by the homemade vanilla ice cream.
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Apple Pie – look at those big chunks of apple!
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Lemon Meringue Pie
Kenny Hills Bakers, Kuala Lumpur
Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake – YUM!!!
Both the Lemon Meringue Pie and Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake were divine. The first, had a crumbly but firm base encasing smooth lemon curd. The sharp tang of the curd was balanced by the tower of sweet meringue, and when mixed together gave the ultimate mix of sweet and sour. The latter, was heaven on a spoon: similar base to the pie, but with a delicious layer of soft apple, topped by an aerated light cheese and finally sprinkled with with toasted walnuts.
For bread lovers who can’t take gluten, Kenny Hills Bakers will take orders mid week for gluten free bread which can be picked up at the weekend.
Reasons to visit: hand crafted breads and pastries, generously portioned desserts that are not overly sweet, good coffee, everything made from scratch, leafy al fresco seating away from the traffic.
Kenny Hills Bakers 
I-1B, Taman Tunku, Off Langgak Tunku,
Bukit Tunku,
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 6206 4111
Open daily, 7.30am – 7pm.


  1. Oooooh – the rumblings of my tummy or is it an express train starting up within in me?
    The croissants and those bagels look just so good and healthy, I do believe.
    The beef and mushroom pie – well – looks a bit too runny???

    BUT !!!!!
    Like the good Lord on the final day – The Lord sayeth – "Let
    there be LEMON MERINGUE PIE and ICECREAM" and the multitude
    sank slowly to their knees to give praise for this wondrous gift.

    I can assure you I fell to the ground very fast to give praise and to
    Aisling and Monica, I do believe a vote of thanks is in order.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    PS: just a little secret – lemon meringue pie is my favourite with lashings
    of good old vanilla ice cream. Both my grandmothers were "super dopper"
    Lemon Meringue Pie makers! So the love affair goes back a bloody long

    • Thanks Colin! The beef and mushroom pie wasn't too runny… it was a nice balance of pastry and fillings. They use really high quality ingredients in their pastries so you can really taste the difference with this craft bakers.

  2. Oh my, this bakery looks just awesome. So many yummy items to choose. The croissants look delicious. Thanks for sharing your review. Wonderful photos. Have a happy week!

    • The croissants are amazing! Definitely one of the highlights but all the pastries are excellent. I tried the banana and peach crumble yesterday and it was sinfully good!

  3. No chocolate on my croissant, please. That would drown out the buttery fragrance that draws the line between the boys and the men.

    • I usually go for an almond croissant but the rich Belgian chocolate is well balanced and doesn't overpower the butteriness and flakiness of the croissant.

  4. Oh my! I am sure i'll love this place! Always wanted to try a good banh mi!

  5. I've heard rumours of this place! Am on my way after seeing these photos!

    • I really enjoyed it and I went again for lunch this Sunday. But word is spreading on how good Kenny Hills Bakers is – it's getting popular and we were lucky to get a table!

  6. Nothing like a good cup of coffee and a buttery croissant to start the morning!

    • Absolutely!! I couldn't agree more. I hope they open more outlets as I'd love to see a branch near where I live for a morning coffee run.

  7. I would want the salmon on a croissant! (no chocolate, though, just a plain croissant) 🙂

  8. My husband particularly likes 'baker's' food, so when travelling Australia we often head to a baker's shop.

  9. >The Vietnamese Bahn Mi

    Mmm… Look at the generous portion of chicken!

  10. Amazing site! Good intentions. Hotels in kanyakumari the blog seems to be a motivational one!

  11. I am interested to try the Beef and Portobello Mushroom Pie but I am not familiar with the area. Thanks for showing the location on the map though. Gave me a rough idea where it is.

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