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Wine Talk is up to great good again – bringing in exclusive new wines chosen by a professional sommelier for value and taste, customizing my selection according to my personal preferences, making recommendations of some different drops to try based on styles I’ve enjoyed in the past, and delivering them directly to my door. Yum List heaven!

Here’s a run down of their latest imports: four from South America and two from South Africa.

The first three hale from Viu Manent, a Chilean estate in the Colchagua Valley that is certified sustainable: environmentally friendly and socially equitable – we like them already. That, in addition to the region’s acclaim for robust, full-body reds, and we know David (Wine Talk’s sommelier) has noted well my proclivities.

Wine Talk, Online Wine Shop and Wine Delivery Service, Malaysia
Viu Manent Secreto Wines

Viu Manent ‘Secreto’ Viognier (RM83.74) is a fine example of this aromatic white varietal. A fresh bouquet presents citrus, flowers, stone fruits and guava. In the mouth it shows grand dimensions, with its fruitiness enduring to the very end. I imagine this wine pairing nicely with a range of crustaceans or soft cheeses. For some reason a garden party comes to mind – I must be gearing up for summer travel!

Carmenère holds many fond memories of living and traveling through South America so has long been a treasured red for me. The Viu Manent ‘Secreto’ Carmenère (RM83.74) doesn’t have to do much other than display the typical characteristics of the grape to win me over, which it does. Earth, spice, oak and deep red cherries tickle my nostrils, and I find a fresh medium body, graceful with subtle layers of complexity in the mouth leading to a lingering conclusion. This classic would surely do my Chilean mates proud.

wine talk
Viu Manent ‘Secreto’ Carmenère

A third bottle from this winery, Viu Manent ‘Secreto’ Syrah (RM83.74), offers hints of pepper, spring blossoms and firm ripe plums to the nose. Its fruitiness, balance and rich acidity lead to an extended minerality in the finish. Thoughts of upcoming travel again enter my mind, and mum’s lamb chops with roasted veggies form a vivid mental image, partnered with an oversized glass of this red.

Staying South, but changing countries we’re lead to the Garzon Valley in Uruguay with a taste of the Bodega Garzon Tannat (RM103.88). We’ve sampled a few wines from this republic courtesy of our Latin American connections, but have never seen a bottle available for sale. I dig a little deeper and find that Wine Talk is indeed the first to make wines from the region available commercially here in Malaysia.

wine talk
Bodega Garzon Tannat

Tannat is considered Uruguay’s national grape! Berries are dominant in the nosing and flavours of bitter chocolate, stone fruit, tobacco and a dash of pepper follow. Filling the mouth with a supple freshness, it’s another red that stays around in the mouth. A Uruguayan style barbecue, asado, would be a superb match for this one.

Spinning the globe we cross the oceans to South Africa, where we’re introduced to two wines from Stellenbosch. We haven’t yet had a chance to taste this duo due to our forthcoming travel, so I quote directly from Wine Talk’s notes, which they happily provide with every bottle purchased, or make available on the website.

Wine Talk, Online Wine Shop and Wine Delivery Service, Malaysia
Helderberg Wines

The very expressive nose of the Helderberg Sauvignon Blanc (RM74.20) “bursts with grass, gooseberries, lime and fig flavours; the palate exudes layers of pure fruit combining to produce a great intensity of flavours held together with an incredible minerality backbone in a great structure; a perfect balance between acidity, fruit and lingering finish. Conclusion: The perfect late afternoon relaxant drink – by itself or with some nice seafood tapas.”

After harvest, 30% of the Helderberg Cabernet Sauvignon (RM79.50) “is matured in French oak, and blended before bottling. It displays ripe aromas of blackcurrant, dark plum, red berries and capsicum. The dense layer of pure and complex fruit, with subtle cedar undertones is held together by a firm acidity. On the palate, it shows a great balance of ripe fruit characters with an elegant, structured and silky finish. Conclusion: Stellenbosch in a glass – dry, mineral, and sharp, a steak’s best friend.”

So there you have it: a quick impression of what’s new on the shelves at Wine Talk – all of which can conveniently be dropped off on your doorstep.


  1. Pretty reasonable prices of imported wine from Chile and South Africa.
    I have tried wines from Chile ( the red variety) and from the Stellenbosch
    vineyards up from the Cape, they are quite good and in Australia are
    stocked in bottle shops.
    Paying about A$30 for the Viv Manent Secreto Viognier – RM83.74 would
    be the going cost here. I tried my conversion skills of todays exchange!
    At least it is not 6 figures to shock bloody Texans – ha ha!
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
    PS: Rained all night and today is not a day for washing!

    • Thanks for your research Colin. I do often wonder how wine prices compare across countries. I'm particularly fond of new world wines, so this batch was very much to my liking.

  2. Those are enticing, cool wines. I personally love the Viu Manent set with its fun labels. Being a big fan of white wines, I enjoyed the Viognier very much. Thanks for sharing all these info! Great to read about your wine experiences!

    • Celeste – I have a personal fondness for new world wines, particularly those from South America, so loved this box. It was great to try the tannat too!

  3. I enjoy different wines and I often try wines from different countries. Great information and post. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

  4. What? And none from Argentina? 😉

  5. I wonder do they have Tasmanian wines…

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