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The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Dubai

Bordered by a beautiful golf course on one side, and white sandy shores and serene blue sea on the other, I already feel calm and at ease, ready for an afternoon of pampering, at The Spa housed in the JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort.
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Beach with Garden
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Golf Course
Modern design, complemented by distinctive Arabic warmth welcomes guests in ten treatment rooms, a traditional Hammam, changing rooms, a ladies’ only majlis, relaxation lounge, spa boutique and range of wet amenities including a Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and high pressure showers.
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
This Way to the Spa
Eastern and Western holistic therapies combine to form an extensive menu of over 40 face and body treatments. I note the well-reputed Elemis skincare range used in many therapies, and both European and Asian techniques infused into a number of massages, wraps and scrubs. During this sweltering summer period in Dubai, an afternoon in the spa is the perfect activity for escaping the heat, and as such, we’re booked in for a few hours of relaxation.
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Waiting Lounge
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Fruit Infused Water
Arriving 15 minutes before our scheduled appointment allows us time to sign in, consult with our therapists to ensure individual needs are catered for, and to enjoy a light beverage before we begin. Spa robe and slippers are provided, as are lockers to store our clothes and bags.
Easing of stresses and a healthy glow to the skin is promised with The Spa’s Signature Ritual of three hours. Massage, facial and body scrub combine to relax and rejuvenate mind and body, and this is what I’ve signed up for this afternoon.
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Choice of Massage Oils
Gentle tai-chi movements are combined with a stimulation of the pressure points, European technique and the uplifting scent of eucalyptus in the Jebel Ali Signature Massage (75 minutes). My female therapist is goal focused in her strokes and pressure, adapting to my response, and changing ever so slightly her force as she comes across knots or sensitive areas. Deep muscle tissue is reached but it’s not painful, and I float into an unfeigned bliss.
While there are a handful of facials on the menu, the Elemis Skin-specific Facial Treatment (60 minutes) is the most adaptable to individual skin needs and as such makes a perfect complement to a spa package. Carefully analyzing my complexion, pore size, level of oiliness and sensitivity, the most suitable products are chosen accordingly. Again my therapist shows skill and obvious training as she cleanses, exfoliates, tones and moisturizes my skin.
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Massage Room
Deep cleansing and a softening of the skin is the noticeable effect of the Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow (45 minutes). Scrubbed from head to toe with the citrus and mineral paste, I shower, removing any remnants of the product, before being covered in an exotic flower body lotion. After living for so long in the tropics, Dubai’s dry heat has really taken a toll on my skin leaving it dehydrated and a little flaky. After this session however, my skin’s surface is baby bottom smooth and soft.
Meanwhile hubby has been luxuriating in a facial and the use of some of the facilities, including the wet amenities and relaxation lounge with refreshing beverages and light snacks. Lucky he has remembered his swimwear, as any treatment in the spa entitles guests to complimentary access to the steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi. After his facial he leisurely makes full use of the services, reporting them of high quality and even nabs a few photos as examples for the management committee of our own condo back home.
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Wet Facilities
His Elemis Men Skin IQ Facial (75 minutes) sees a cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the skin, finished off with an eye massage and mask, a relaxing foot pummelling and de-stressing scalp manipulation. The products used are especially designed to counter the effects of a busy modern lifestyle, as well as defend against the taxes of shaving and everyday environmental damage. Hubby’s happy with the results. He even forgets his initial hesitation at having a male beauty technician work on his face, and has nothing but praise for his professionalism and skill.
The conclusion of our visit is timed superbly to coincide with the commencement of sunset. The day’s heat is starting to lose hold and we exit The Spa, rejuvenated and ready to explore Dubai at night.
The Spa at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Duba
Relaxation Lounge
Reasons to visit: a comprehensive menu of treatments; well-trained therapists; high quality products; a perfect escape from Dubai’s mid afternoon heat.
The Spa at JA Jebel
Ali Golf Resort
PO Box 9255 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 4 814 5555
 * All spa treatments are performed male to male, female to female, as instructed by UAE law.


  1. Breathtaking beach view, love the palm trees and the green grass.

  2. That manicured golf course – the watering of it must cost a mint!
    But the Sheiks/Sheikhs can afford it.

    What's with this BBC business and my having something to fathom out or comment on??
    You'll have to send more details, Monica.

    The freezing winds have arrived over the River Tweed. I was asked at the Harlequin Club, Sofitel this morning if I was a lost Nepalese Sherpa just back from Mt. Everest. The Irish barman, also called
    Colin, has a strange sense of humour – ha ha!
    Colin – now either Eskimo or Sherpa!
    Oh for sunny Spain, eh?

    • Colin, You must click on the link. It takes you to a video describing Aussie lingo for foreigners. Hilarious.

    • Can you e-mail it to me. The one shown won't work.
      PS: Our Aussie "lingo" is by far the best – remember that movie,
      We're a Weird Mob" 1966 – book written by John O'Grady under the
      pen name of Nino Culotta. Hilarious.

    • Thanks for the link:
      Good video – but on a scale of one to ten I'd score it against the Nino Culotto "They're a Weird
      Mob" movie of about 1.
      Brolley for umbrella – nah that's a pommie word.
      In windy conditions when the bloody things turn inside out and I am getting drenched,
      the air goes blue with my "delicate" verbage!!! ha ha.
      I don't think the two obviously city born fellas in the video would have a clue what the "lingo" of a real country bumpkin was saying.
      A bit warmer today – nationwide. The cold has gone back to where it bloody should stay – down in Penguin land: 8c to 20c – presently at 9.00 am Sat: it is 11c.
      Cheers and many thanks

  3. What a beautiful place to relax, unwind and enjoy life!

  4. Lovely green golf course, so much watering, lucky they have water.
    The rooms are nice.

  5. this looks really relaxing and rejuvenating 🙂

  6. I was looking for articles on Best Spa in Dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

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