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Five Cafes You Shouldn’t Miss Visiting Around Kuala Lumpur

We do love our coffee at The Yum List, so here’s our pick of Five Cafes Serious Coffee Lovers Should Not Miss in Kuala Lumpur in:


Best Coffee in Kuala Lumpur

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Worth the trip out to the industrial zone to find this gem. Local and western specialty coffee roasts combined with a delicious mix of local and western food. Plan to spend a few hours. This spot holds a lot for coffee lovers to enjoy.


best cafes in kuala lumpur

Brew n Bread

Another specialty coffee roaster that is worth a weekend to discover. House made everything on the food menu and some delicious blends and single origin beans. If you’re looking for some very special beans, such as the Panama Geisha, these are the guys to talk to.
Best Cafes kuala lumpur
Bread n Bread

Roast Factor Glee

From home roaster to supplying cafes around the Klang Valley, this cafe takes its coffee seriously. To back up its brew, there’s a mouthwatering menu of home baked goodies too.


Best Cafes kuala lumpur
Roast Factor Glee

Seraph Awaken

Visiting the Klang Valley for a bowl of Bak Kut Teh? Don’t miss this old school shoplot and its specialty roasts and local cakes for a sweet ending to your day trip.


Best Cafes kuala lumpur
Seraph Awaken

RGB at The Bean Hive

Conveniently located just outside the city centre in a cosy bungalow, RGB and The Bean Hive are one of our favourite spots for coffee and a yummy vegetarian meal too.


best cafes in kl
RGB at The Bean Hive



  1. Love that old-school coffee shop cup and saucer.

  2. Under the freezing conditions here – still and looks like this
    Antarctic freeze won't move – the coffee shops would really
    Thankfully the winds have gone – hope I haven't jumped the gun
    on this one – ha ha.
    Enjoy your warmth.
    I doubt if Adelaide would appeal at present????

  3. Awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've been to RGB before. It is the only one close to my home in KL. Lovely place and great coffee! 😀

  5. Mmmmm….the coffee looks great as well as the cups it is served in!

  6. Interesting list….thanks for sharing! I will certainly bookmark these cafes 🙂

  7. BEAM is indeed very cool!

    By the way, I came across this interesting article on BBC yesterday.
    Let's see how many words do you still recognise… 😉

    • Oh yes, these words are still very much part of my vocabulary. Fav word, not mentioned in the video however, "nana" or "nanie" short for "banana". I'm sure Colin will have something to say about these words. 😉

  8. Pattern on the coffee, have watched this being done an I can't do it. Oh well some of us have it, and some don't.

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