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Crow’s Nest Restaurant, Avillion Port Dickson

Kirsten Durward and Monica Tindall
Whether you sit outside in the balmy sea air or prefer a cooler indoor setting, Crow’s Nest provides a lovely relaxed dining experience for your short break or weekend away. With its hight teak wood ceiling and rattan furniture, there is a slight nostalgic air reminiscent of the older Malay era. In keeping with the sense of locality, one of the menus on offer is dedicated to Malay and other Asian cuisine, while the other features fully Western dishes. As an all-day-dining concept, the two menus are also offered poolside, and downstairs in the Village Court Restaurant. We are assured that 24 hour room service is also available for the truly lazy amongst us.
Our delightful host, Avillion Food and Beverage Manager Mark Peter assures us that the Tom Yum King Prawn with Lemongrass  (RM42) is one of their signature dishes. It also happens to be a favourite of mine so I wait in anticipation. The presentation does not disappoint. Two generous firm ‘languouste’ poke their fronds out of a veritable bath of broth that I’m eager to dip my spoon into. The flavours are splendid and resonant, plenty fresh lemongrass and chilli, oodles of mushrooms and bamboo shoots, in all I would vote this my dish of the night, and certainly would be more than happy to eat it again.
Crow's Nest Restaurant, Avilion Port Dickson
Tom Yum Soup
From the Western Menu we try Linguine in a very flavourful Capsicum and Tomato Basil Sauce (RM36), with strands of green and red capsicum threaded through. The linguine has good texture, slippery and firm. The dish of extra Parmesan on the side is a nice touch and most appreciated.
I’m impressed with the presentation of the Poached Norwegian Salmon (RM52), drawing the eye and also the fork, very quickly. We are both happy with the moistness of the well seasoned, dense fish which flakes easily onto our forks. Teeny diced capsicum gives a welcome change of texture with their tight crunch complementing the sweet quenelle of creamed pumpkin. Monica is oohing how much she loves pumpkin while I enjoy spooning on an extra touch of deep red capsicum sauce to enhance the dish.
Our last dish should only be ordered by the seriously hungry. It is a very pretty styled presentation of some local favourites, Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM38). Break the glorious golden egg yolk into the plentiful rice, packed with small salty crispy fish that locals delight in. You will find the taste and texture quite distinct. This comes with a chicken drumstick, sticky satay, bite size pieces of salted squid and a deliciously cinammony pickled veg concoction. There’s plenty of fresh sambal on the side too.
Crow's Nest Restaurant, Avilion Port Dickson
Local Delights – Nasi Goreng Kampung
The Crow’s Nest offers a choice of four wines by the glass (RM24): two white and two red. All are of the basic but decent Lavila range. We try the sauvignon blanc which is slightly on the sweeter side of a sauvignon, quite perfumed, with tropical fruit and peach notes, and the syrah, which also has a sweet finish to its blackcurrant and olive tones, with a slightly spicy hint that goes well with the Asian dishes.
Our desserts again feature both Malaysian and Western cuisines.
After all I have eaten I gaze with respect at the seriously man sized portion of Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) (RM18) that appears with a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream on the side. Where is Caning when you need him?  He will be devastated to miss one of his favourite desserts.
Although we feel pretty stuffed we both manage a spoonful or two of this quite sweet chocolatey cream pudding, Orange and Chocolate Bavarian Cream with Fresh Berries (RM18).
Crow's Nest Restaurant, Avilion Port Dickson
Orange and Chocolate Bavarian Cream with Fresh Berries
We’ve had lovely service but we feel so full that we decide to take a post dinner constitutional and enjoy the abundant grounds in the soft evening light. A great finish to the day.
Reasons to visit: lovely seaside location, diverse range of freshly prepared food, best Tom Yum I’ve tasted in Malaysia, generous portions.
The Crow’s Nest 
Avillion Port Dickson
3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai,
71000 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Tel: + 606 647 6688
Opening Hours: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
Dress Code: no slippers, shorts, singlet or swim wear


  1. Picturesque area. Certainly befitting with the nautical name – "Crows Nest" for the
    "pukka gentry" of the colonial era.
    I had heard of Port Dickson so looked it up.
    I thought it had some history regarding the Japanese invasion of Singapore – launching pad
    but could find nothing.
    Certainly is a well established city now for the KL elite and tourists to visit.
    Beautiful resort like hotels etc. and not that far from KL ( the capital not the so called
    country – ha ha).
    Those claw like features on the map look like man made marinas ???
    Very interesting post Monica.
    El Cordobes Colin – the middle triplet!
    PS: Still fantastic weather here – the Brisbane show (EKKA)
    must be ecstatic with this great weather. Most years it is windy
    and horrible weather conditions with 'flu running havoc!

    • Port Dickson has received a bad report in past years for unclean beaches and dirty water, so we were at first a little hesitant to visit. What we found however was a great surprise. I'm not sure if it was just the way the waters were flowing, but the weekend we spent here was nothing but blue seas and white sand.
      It has been years since I've been to a show! The little town I grew up in however just celebrated its 100th show last year. It was always something I looked forward to as a child.

    • Yep – country shows were wonderful and still are major town festivities.
      I used to compete in equestrian events when I was a kid.
      Also showed my bantams in the poultry exhibitions – Old
      English Red / Black game – the bantams got more ribbons
      than me on my horse!
      Still it was all great fun.
      Colin of Andalusia ( that's for the horse part – ha ha)

  2. I really love the ambiance here and the presentations are so artistic and lovely! I would love to try that poached salmon! 🙂

    • For me there's something that I really enjoy about eating outdoors. I love that there's the option for both indoor air-conditioned comfort or balcony dining.

  3. Awesome meal with spectacular view

  4. I think I've dined here before…years back when I had a training seminar here….lovely place!

  5. That tom yam dish is absolutely stunning! How many of the giant prawns? RM42 is very reasonable for that huge crustacean.

    • Two giants prawns and packed with lots of other seafood too. I thought the portion was a generous one – definitely enough for two people.

  6. a nice retreat not too far from KL! 😀

  7. Lovely looking staircase..
    Food looks delicious and I will have salmon again…love it.

  8. I'm signing up for the poached salmon. That staircase is awesome! Also the Dessert looks wonderful.

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