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Deciding on where to stay in the Maldives can be an overwhelming experience. Studying webpage after webpage of stunning beauty, pretty soon the sites all blend into a whir of brilliant aquamarine with promises of tranquility, superb service and delicious meals. It’s difficult to distinguish one from another, but with the price tag accompanying most resorts and the cost of flights to get to these secluded paradises, the decision on where to spend our hard-earned cash is not taken lightly.
That’s where Lightfoot Travel was able to assist. Being fussy travelers, not fond of anything involving a group or large scale operations, and desiring to make the most of every moment leaving nothing to chance, Lightfoot’s “travel designers” noted our needs and offered to compose a personalized itinerary utilizing only the best properties, activities and restaurants they have sourced first-hand.
What a time saver! I’m relieved of the duty of spending hours comparing online reviews and seeking personal recommendations from friends and social media contacts. It might actually feel like a holiday – one that I haven’t had to do hard labour to create beforehand.
Lightfoot employs a group of select travel-obsessed planners, all who have had years of experience personally trotting the globe. Take my travel designer Nikki for example. She was born in Seattle, grew up in Hong Kong, studied in Boston and London, and is currently living in Beijing.

Lightfoot Travel
Nikki Pang – Our Travel Designer
After discussing our needs, Nikki sent us an itinerary summary including dates, timing, flight numbers, room categories and so on. The one pager let us see at a glance our entire trip. Following the outline, was a detailed schedule including a couple of beautiful photos and a few sentences about each item.

Lightfoot Travel
An Example of Part of Our Expanded Itinerary
In upcoming posts you’ll see more of our wonderful four days planned with Lightfoot Travel. We’ll be using them again for sure. Currently personalizing travel itineraries across six continents, we’re excited to see what more one-of-a-kind experiences they can invent for us.
Book bespoke itineraries through
Lightfoot Travel, the Asia-based artisans of luxury travel with
offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai:
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  1. Isn't it wonderful to have this type of service today! I am so happy to hear this and I look forward to any future posts, as always! 🙂

    • Yes! As they say time is money – and if someone can save me a little time in my hectic schedule, I'm willing to pay for the service.

  2. I liked the professional Travel Agents of the various airlines, Amex etc.
    Such a pity costs overtook these services – some of the few travel agencies
    here are staffed with……………… well you do wonder with some?

    It is good to know that there are real professionals still existing.
    A travel agent who you can really rely on is worth heaps of money,
    worry and the list goes on.
    Lightfoot Travel does appear to be rather exclusive – for the well healed???
    The Maldives is not the cheapest destination on planet earth – exotic to the
    100th degree or more.
    Still you are only young once so why not enjoy yourself when young,
    as well as, prepare for the future!

    • I think these bespoke type of services are gaining popularity. Time is so precious these days and I think as a society in general we try to fit more and more into our lives. Having an agent that can address your personal needs and do all the research for you is certainly worth paying for in my books. I remember when we'd just arrive to a place and discover what was there when we hit the ground. The Internet has changed that though forever.
      Wait 'til you see where we stayed Colin – heaven on earth!
      Hope the grass is greening in sunny Queensland. 😉

  3. Sounds great to have someone else do that endless search for the right hotel! I am looking forward to seeing the photos from this trip!

  4. this would be a great concept to have in malaysia at some point too! 🙂

  5. I am not adventurous – I prefer to have everything nicely and neatly arranged for me.

  6. I usually do my own itineraries. 🙂
    And I walk a lot 🙂 He he…

  7. very interesting service. looking forward for your trip!

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