Saujana Hotels and Resort Exclusive Wine Collection

In Australia, bottling wine from a premier vineyard with your own label is a fashionable thing to do. Bespoke branding is one thing, but curating your own blends to form a signature collection? This takes passion for a good drop to a whole new level.
The team at Saujana Hotels and Resorts, with their dedication to quality food and beverage experiences, has exactly that zeal. In collaboration with an award winning Margaret River winery, Frankland Estate, they have designed a wine series that is not only delicious, but true to varietal character and great value too.
Three whites and three reds have been selected as great drinking on their own, but specifically to pair well with food. Clearly in the interest of our readers, we attempt to try them all.
Saujana Hotels & Resorts, Wine Collections 2014, Grape Expectations Estate, Margaret River, Western Australia, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon:
On the nose this wine shows exotic fruit aromas. We detect wafts of lychee, mango, rose, quince and spices. In the palate it exudes a powerful, burst of fruit, flattering and round with a mild spice finish. We think goats’ cheese would work well with this drop, but also fish and salads prepared with fresh herbs should do nicely too. The mellowness of the Semillon stabilizes the zippy sauvignon blanc, forming also a good partnership with Asian flavours such as curry and light spice.
Saujana Wines
Sauvignon Blanc
Saujana Hotels & Resorts, Wine Collections 2014, Frankland Estate, Western Australia, Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc Riesling:
This wine is young and fresh with floral and citrus aromas. The blend of grapes gifts it with versatility and matches any number of white meats, salads and cheeses. A chilled glass is very suitable for Malaysia’s warm climate.
Saujana Wines

Miles from Nowhere, Margaret River, Western Australia, Chardonnay:
We find ripe stone fruits, spice, citrus and a light toastiness nosing this glass. In the mouth, it contributes a rich and luscious creamy mouth feel. The butteriness of the wine is a pleasant complement for fried or roasted salmon.
saujana wines
Miles from Nowhere, Chardonnay


Saujana Hotels & Resorts, Wine Collections 2014, Frankland Estate, Western Australia, Merlot:

Ruby red in the glass and with aromas of berries and plum, this wine is immediately attractive. Oak, spice and an earthy complexity, makes smooth easy drinking with a medium to bold flavour. Multi-faceted, it plays pleasant companion to meats, risotto and mature cheeses.

frankland estate, margaret river
Saujana Hotels and Resorts Merlot


Miles from Nowhere, Margaret River, Western Australia, Cabernet Sauvignon:

Dark fruits such as plum and blackcurrant alongside fresh herbs and even chocolate give the first hint of the complexity of this wine with its delicious aromas. Full bodied, yet graceful, in the mouth it’s well-balanced ending with a lingering finish. Bring on succulent cuts of red meat, especially a charred around the edges and pink in the middle piece of Australian Rib-Eye or Scotch fillet.


saujana wines
Miles from Nowhere, Cabernet Sauvignon

Olmo’s Rewards, Frankland Estate, Western Australia, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc:
 This wine was unavailable during our tasting session, but the hotel’s notes read: “Cedar and vanilla aromas complement the cherry, blackberry and dark stone fruits giving a more earthy flavour. Complexity is generous and persistent on the palate.”
saujana wines
Red Wine from Margaret River
The SHR Sauvignon Blanc 2014, SHR Chardonnay 2014 and SHR Merlot 2014 are priced at RM88 nett per bottle and RM960 nett per case (12 bottles). Miles from Nowhere Chardonnay 2013, Miles from Nowhere Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and Frankland Estate Olmost Reward 2006, are priced at RM110 nett per bottle and RM1200 nett per case (12 bottles).
There are certainly some scrumptious wines in this half-dozen. Bottles make excellent gifts and can be purchased on-site or ordered and delivered to your home. Even more welcome news is that these exclusively sourced wines are available at their retail price when dining in any of the Saujana Hotels and Resort restaurants.
Saujana Hotels and Resort
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  1. I have had some Aussie wines, and many are really good….I'd go for the Sav Blanc.

    • There are some great Aussie wines in the market. Sadly many of the lesser quality ones make it overseas because of the price. With the Aussie dollar so low at the moment it's an opportunity to try a few of the finer drops at a reasonable price.

  2. I have tried Emu sherry, which is the only Australian alcohol I have had (but this was over 30 years ago), however, I haven't drunk alcohol for about that long. Just for fun, I choose the Cabernet Sauvignon. 🙂

    • Oh dear, just the name Emu Sherry has me wondering about the quality 😉 Good on you for going alcohol-free. It sure should would save me a few calories if I gave up wine.

  3. None for me, thank you…but I do use a bit for cooking sometimes.

  4. This place has CLASS!!
    Frankland and Margaret River wines rank with the best in the World.
    Surprise to read that in Texas they know of Aussie superior wines, I thought
    they would be all Napa Valley wines!!!
    I have never heard of Emu Sherry – well 30 years ago – I just wonder what is was and where
    it was produced.
    Has been raining here and now rain with summer approaching – no August this year???? – rain
    to get green grass is a must for the rural community especially.
    El Colin Cordobes, the middle BRAT of capes, swords and bulls.

    • I read somewhere that even though Margaret River has a lower output of wines compared to the rest of the country, it produces a high percentage of the finest wines in Australia. I'm rather fond of these Frankland Estate wines too. The sauvignon blanc and Miles from Nowhere cab sav were well suited to my tastes.
      Oh, yes, I think the title of "brat" might be better deserved at the moment with all of your "putting ideas into hubby's head" of mischief to get up to. 😉

  5. I do drink a little but not more than 2 glasses 😛

  6. Oh I love the ones from Yarra Valley.
    I would love to try these fruity ones from WA one day.

  7. Hello, I enjoy trying wines from all around. And I have tried the Aussie wines, they are very good. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day and happy weekend!

  8. better be not inviting me because i love all wines and can't made the different beetween cheap wine and pricey aged wine thou, lol
    [email protected] Chef

  9. Have had several Margaret a River Wines, some I like better than others….but not a big drinker..

  10. Such a luxurious affair, dear! xoxo

  11. Miles From Nowhere — that's a lovely, evocative name for a wine brand 🙂

  12. The color of the red wine is top. Good pictures.


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