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Words by Patricia Podorsek, Photos by Monica Tindall
Big occasions often merit big celebrations, and sometimes a grand buffet bubbly brunch is in order. But small occasions deserve some festive spirit as well. If you’re looking to share some modest bubbles with a friend over brunch, Ante Kitchen and Bar in Solaris Dutamas might be just the venue you’re looking for.
With indoor and outdoor seating, Ante provides a no-nonsense haven from the bustle of Publika mall. Seating and ambience are contemporary without being pretentious. It’s comfortable with soft lighting and clean lines.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
As it was before noon when we were first seated, coffee was first on everyone’s mind. Ante takes their java seriously and serves us soulfully blended Arabica generated smooth and rich cappuccinos and lattes from the artistic barista.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Our charming host, CK, suggested a number of signature starters for us. The Smoked Duck (RM28) covers thinly sliced medallions with chopped pine nuts, black olives, and fresh herbs. A citrus glaze seals in the meat juices to produce a super juicy appetizer with that irresistible combination of sweet and salty. The blueberries on the side are a nice complement.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Smoked Duck
Ante is known for their pork magic, and the signature Sweet Belly (RM29) does not disappoint. Marbled layers of fat between lines of tender meat, this slow roasted pork belly is seared with a crispy skin enhanced by honey and soy. Decadent is the only word that comes to mind to describe this plate.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Sweet Pork Belly
Seemingly an oxymoron, the Deep Fried Soft Poached Eggs (RM32) combine the the silky interior of the poaching with an uncommonly crispy exterior. The eggs are served on a pillow of tangy aioli with a side of thick-cut bacon on sourdough baguette. Ante smokes the bacon in-house and it mirrors the same quality as the Sweet Belly: Pork magic indeed.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Deep Fried Soft Poached Eggs
The protein fest continued as we sampled the better part of Ante’s Big Breakfast (RM39, including coffee). We added two sunny side eggs, two fat bratwurst, and more, yes, more of that deliciously thick bacon! The brats were juicy and well-balanced. Best was the guacamole though: well-balanced with lemon, tomato, and tiny red onions that gave it a bit of crunch.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Ante’s Big Breakfast
Bacon is not the only item preserved in house. Imported Norwegian salmon gets cured with thyme and orange peel for a slight citrus sweetness. Cut slightly thicker than smoked salmon, the flesh holds a meatier, juicier texture. Served over scrambled eggs with sourdough toast, this menu option is a complete breakfast at RM29.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
House Cured Salmon and Scrambled Eggs
Thankfully, vegetarians in the crowd are not left out entirely in the cold. Several pasta dishes enhance the menu at Ante, including two of Monica’s favorites, gnocchi and gnudi. The Gnocchi in Pesto (RM32) is flattened, pan-fried and a bit chewy, served with creamy basil sauce and braised spinach. The pesto was well-balanced without being overly garlicky, and the spinach added another layer of texture to the plate.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Gnudi (RM35) were a new experience for me. These dreamy pan-seared ricotta balls melt in the mouth, especially when served with lemon butter. The crispy Chinese greens on top added color, texture, and subtle flavor to this dish.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Amply nourished, we were happy to move from coffee to bubbles. We selected the Italian prosecco San Felletto, a light extra-dry effervescent that runs smoothly down the throat like air. Even at RM179, friends could enjoy a couple of glasses with a delicious breakfast for a much more affordable pricetag than any of the big-time brunch buffets, and in a more casual and intimate setting. For those who prefer, Ante’s wine list is as international as it is extensive, and a selection of beer and fresh juices are also available.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
No brunch is complete without dessert, and the operative word here is pure: Pure cream, pure chocolate, pure heaven. The creme brulee came close to eating a dish of fresh buttery cream, once breaking the glassy caramel crust it’s known for. Ante puts its own twist on the classic pudding by adding thin slivers of salty olives on top. Unusual for certain, but a nice contrasting flavor.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Creme Brulee
Chocolate lover that I am, the Valrhona Chocolate Delice (RM29) was my favorite of the day, delivering deeply decadent mousse atop a hazelnut praline crust. Like with the Creme Brulee, we enjoyed pure chocolate, pure cream, pure crackle. The chocolate soil bed added a soft third layer, its crumb-like texture offsetting the silk and crunch.
Ante Kitchen and Bar, Solaris Dutamas
Valrhona Chocolate Delice
For big occasions or small, Ante Kitchen and Bar is a delicious way to spend a leisurely afternoon. Brunch is served daily from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm; full restaurant hours run 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.
Reasons to visit: An affordable and delicious brunch option with bubbles to add a festive touch. Don’t miss the uncommon Deep-Fried Soft Poached Eggs, the Sweet Belly, and the Valrhona Chocolate Delice.
Ante Kitchen and Bar
Publika Mall
Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 6206 3364


  1. The smoked duck and salmon are making me drool! 🙂

  2. Somebody was telling me about the huge pork ribs here. You didn't have that?

  3. The valrhona chocolate does seem promising

    • Oh Ken, it's hard to not stuff yourself on all of the brunch items, but it's rewarding to save some space for the super smooth chocolate dessert.

  4. Hi Monica and Co and "Junior Cordobes"
    I have only recently been introduced to Pork Belly.
    The name used to put me off, but I now love it.
    Pity the Sofitel Harlequin Bistro removed it from the menu??? Weird.
    The bacon rashers look overcooked but that is just how I love them.
    Also the soft looking fluffy moist scrambled eggs and the cured ham, Oh woe,
    mouth watering!
    Glad you heard my whoops of joy.
    Now what it this Samurai sword business with the Katana???
    I'll have you know the the Cordobes Amigeos triplets use the Spanish version only.
    We fight the bulls of the Spanish plains where it rains – ha ha.
    None of this sushi and whale stuff for us.
    Now go and have a long sip of a Hemmingway version of the martini and be a good girl.
    El Colin Cordobes, Spokesman ( none of the Spokesperson stuff from us) of the Triplets
    of Andalusia! Ole etc.

    • Oh you are truly trying to fish for a bite from me today! But… I shall not even nibble 😉

      Brekkie/ brunch options here are hearty and satisfying – understandable why it's so busy on a weekend.

      Well yes, the katana doesn't really suit… not quite the right accessory for junior. And.. I will happily sip on a martini or something stronger in my 'good girl' fashion. Oh no … I said I wouldn't take the bait! 😉

  5. This breakfast/brunch menu certainly looks more promising and enticing than the dinner I had here. I'm eager to sink my teeth into their inhouse smoked bacon!

  6. The bar and dinning room the shades are good.

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