Playground Coffeery Melawati

Playground Coffeery, Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur

Kristin Cosgrove and Monica Tindall

On a gloomy and rainy recent afternoon, Monica and I found ourselves in what has to be the sunniest corner of Melawati, Playground Coffeery. Like a bright orb in a starless sky, Playground Coffeery is bringing the Aussie coffee culture to the ‘hood, thanks to two ambitious young proprietors who envisioned a local gathering place for its caffeine-deprived residents.Playground Coffeery, Melawati, cafe

Coffee lovers (particularly weary teachers from two nearby schools) and families will surely be thrilled with this development, offering a comfortable place to chill and enjoy a coffee and a bite from their small menu of teatime snacks.Playground Coffeery, Melawati

Playground Coffeery announces itself with a cheerful, bright yellow storefront in a quiet street of shoplots tucked away in a quiet area of Melawati. Parking is easy. We arrive just in time to medicate our “afternoon slump” with a cuppa, and enter the café to find not only are they serving coffee, but also a healthy dose of playful cheer. Our mood immediately lifted by the park-like atmosphere of the interior, we take time to wander and enjoy the details of the décor.Playground Coffeery, Melawati

Pale yellow walls are home to large strips of lighting wires which are fashioned into tree shapes, and recycled wooden palettes act as a base for couches, benches, tables and in the back open-air section, even walls. I love up-cycled furniture, and here the palettes really work as rustic, playful accents, especially when painted in bright colors.

Playground Coffeery, Melawati
Flat White

Couches line the front area of the café, a great place to just hang out with friends or spend hours on the computer. I imagine parents relaxing while watching their kids play, maybe on one of the plastic ride-on cars I spy in the corner.

Playground Coffeery, Melawati
Almond Latte

But while this place is definitely kid friendly it manages to avoid being overly childish, just child-like, in a way adults like me love. Monica envisions group meetings with peers at the sturdy tables in the center section of the café, perhaps at the palette table painted like a big Union Jack or in rainbow colors. I particularly appreciate the table bases, which are made from plastic crates filled with empty Coca Cola bottles. Clever.

Playground Coffeery, Melawati
Premium Matcha Latte

The very back area is open air, and features two swings made with palette seats. Maybe not fully functional as swings, but whimsical and cute, none-the-less!

The menu is rather small, but adequate for a tea-time snack or light breakfast. We try a bevy of beverages, including an Almond Latte (RM12), a Machiatto (RM10), a Matcha Latte (RM12) and a Choco-Latte (RM12). Unique ceramic cups and pretty coffee art added some fun to the presentation, and Monica and I laughed at the macchiato glass, the inside of which reminded us of cow udders. The coffee here is standard, but pleasing, and it was clear the barista was taking care to make sure the shots were of adequate consistency and the milk temperature right, though we usually like our milk a little hotter. It’s possible this was a simple mistake of keeping the thermometer too close to the frothing wand while steaming the milk.

Playground Coffeery, Melawati
Macchiato Latte

The food menu at Playground is kept small and simple, a nice change from the option-overload of many establishments. Sometimes simple is better. Cakes, waffles and the Play-Full Toast, Playground’s signature, are the offerings here.

Playground Coffeery, Melawati
Trio of Playfull Toasts – Tuileries, Montreal and Richmond

Toasties are named after the places from which they are inspired – Tokyo Playground features cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumbers, while the Berlin Playground is topped with asparagus, mushrooms and boiled egg. Both savory and sweet options are available, even in combination. I particularly enjoyed the Tuilleries Playground with chicken ham, cheese and pineapple and was surprised by the Richmond Playground, on which the strawberry jam and melted cheese played nicely together.

Playground Coffeery, Melawati
Seoul Playground

Play-Full Toast can be ordered individually at RM10 each or in multiples of three for RM9 each.  How playful are you feeling today?

Playground Coffeery, Melawati
Port Moresby Playground

Reason to visit: Relaxing and playful atmosphere makes for a fun and cheery place to gather with friends and family, whether for a simple breakfast, teatime snack or group meeting.

Playground Coffeery

No.19 Jalan E-1, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
[email protected]
+6 0348214522
Open: Monday, Wed, Thursday and Friday: 11am-11pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:30am-11pm
Closed Tuesdays

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  1. Colin Huggins

    Kirsten and Monica

    Certainly looks like a “goer”. The snack type foods as shown
    appear to be very tasty.
    Not too sure if I could stand the usual few uncontrollable “rug rats”!!!
    I am quite sure some families are deaf and blind.

    Now Kirsten – are you related to “you know whom here???”
    The one who resides in Canberra in somewhat palatial lodgings!
    El Colin Cordobes

    • We like the simplicity of this menu. Tea, coffee and toast – you can’t go wrong.
      Mmm… Kristin says “no relation.” 😉

  2. Where did they find so many pallets? 😉
    Hang on, I think I see two pallet swings too?!
    What? Even the table numbers are made of mini pallets!?
    I can’t wait to see their toilet seats now.
    How inspiring!

    • Someone’s been hanging out at the warehouse by the looks of things. Now I’m going to have to go back and take a look at the loo on the next visit. 🙂

  3. It’s a nice place where mums can come with their toddlers. I love this idea of ​​multicultural toast, I would love to taste the Tokyo toast hummm yummy.. Beautiful ceramic cups.
    Happy weekend ; -))

    • Great position as it’s right near a large international school. I can imagination mums stopping in here for a coffee after they’ve dropped their school children off.

  4. Monica, the presentations are gorgeous, and the playful toasts look so good! Hmmmm….one of them is named Montreal, I hope this will be on your agenda in the not too near future, perhaps in the next year or so? (Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I mean). 😉 I am wondering if you have ever tried Boston cream pie? I don’t recall ever seeing this dessert depicted in any of your posts and to be honest, not many restaurants have it. But the Chalet Bar-b-q that I told you about does have it! 🙂

    • Mmm… Boston Cream Pie – I don’t believe I have. But I will definitely be keeping my eyes tuned for it in the future. Oh so tempting… North America… lot’s to write about up there.

    • If you do visit Canada, I have some suggestions for you. Of course the top of my list is Montreal, but if you like the mountains, you will love British Columbia, and if you like the ocean, you will love Nova Scotia, which is famously known as Canada’s ocean playground. Quebec is known as La Belle Province (the pretty province) and is the largest in AREA in all of Canada. 🙂

  5. Interesting creations, their sandwiches. I would love the ones with egg.

  6. Love to see coffee in a china cup. I don’t drink coffee very often, last time i did was about to be poured into a ‘paper’ mug! I asked for a china cup, was looked at rather strangely but got what i wanted.
    Anything chipped or cracked goes in the bin in this house too..

  7. Congratulations with the new blog.


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