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Recipe for Hot Melons Cocktail Courtesy of Aqua Luna

Park Hotel Alexandra
Aqua Luna Hot Melons Cocktail

Hot Melons


10 cubes Watermelon (3cm cubes)

2 slices Chilli padi (Sliced cross sectioned, seeds removed.)

1 whole Chilli padi (Sliced in four parts length wise, stopping before stem. Seeds removed.)

1 scoop Soursop sorbet

0 – 12 cubes Ice

45ml Rum

20ml Triple sec

10ml Sugar syrup

5 dashes Hibiscus water

1 dash Fresh ground black pepper (For garnishing)


1) Skewer two cubes of watermelon with a bamboo or plastic skewer. Chill in fridge.

2) Place a scoop of soursop sorbet into a cocktail cup. Chill in fridge.

3) In a shaker, muddle the remaining watermelon cubes with the slices of chilli padi.

4) Add the rum, triple sec, sugar syrup, hibiscus water and ice cubes into the shaker. Shake well and set aside.

5) Strain the well-shaken concoction into the chilled cocktail cup.

6) Garnish drink with the chilled watermelon skewer and whole chilli padi. Add a dash of ground pepper on the watermelon.

7) Ready to serve.

Recipe courtesy of Aqua Luna mixologists at Park Hotel Alexandra

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  1. I love the presentation, and your first photo is sublime!

  2. Now that’s an interesting combo.

  3. Just what I needed as “Pick me Up” after the ladies final last night.
    I reckon “Deutschland uber alles” rang out with great gusto around the Brandenburg Gate last night or very early morning time in Germany.
    Angelique was a very worthy winner of the trophy and boy oh boy was she excited.
    Well $3 million plus would get me excited also – ha ha.
    The addition of that pepper stick (red garnish on top) would certainly give this drink the
    “Kick of a Mule”.
    Sauna like at present but some storms are predicted and I can hardly wait for the cooling down – Pheeeeeeeeeeeeee !
    El Colin Cordobes

    • I keep coming back just to look at that pool – how I wish I was now in it.
      El “Sweat-box” Colin Cordobes

    • I refuse to talk to you about tennis Colin! Hubby snuck a pair of headphones into a restaurant last night and ‘secretly’ listened to the final. 😉
      Would you believe they’re predicting temperatures of 16 degrees over her for Chinese New Year!?! Now that, if it comes to pass, will certainly be extraordinary.

    • And pray tell what is wrong with El Caning Cordobes Jnr, listening to the tennis?
      We Cordobes boys stick like GLUE !!!!
      16 degrees in KL????????????
      That is amazing – here it is “sauna like” and yet those bloody rain storm clouds
      just come and go.
      Enjoy that cool weather whilst you can.
      El Colin Cordobes (the Middle one).

  4. Interesting ingredients in the drink.
    That pool looks inviting, believe me.

    • Mum reports ferocious temperatures up north too. There’s supposed to be a cooler change predicted across the region.

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