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The story of glo Laser Centres begins with a mum. Once with glowing skin, it was a shock to Erin post- pregnancy when she developed melasma, where skin discolours around the forehead, eyes and nose – sometimes known as the pregnancy mask. Feeling self-conscious with this change in appearance she had a number of laser treatments with great results. While she was extremely pleased with the outcome, she was not so delighted with the bill. Thousands had been forked out and here began her questioning as to why laser treatments were so expensive.

After months of investigation Erin and her hubby figured out a system to enable them to offer affordable laser treatments to those with skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne and the general signs of aging and sun damage. Following much research, the SKINFIX™ LASER & LIGHT stood out for its fast, effective, safe and non-invasive facial with immediate results. By investing in multiple units of a single model of this machine, and streamlining training, they were able to reduce the usual cost to consumers by the bucket loads. Recalling Erin’s personal experience that launched the analysis, they also sought to cut the fine print and trapping treatment plans that seemed all too prevalent in the market. With FDA approved machines, highly skilled staff, and a transparent pricing system, glo Laser Centres were born.

glo Laser Centre
glo Laser Centre, Waiting Area

My initial consultation is at the centre in Mid Valley Megamall. Staff is polite and while they inform me of discounts when purchasing a package of treatments (which can be shared with family and friends), not once do they attempt the hard sell. Subsequent to a conversation on my skin type and goals, I register my details on an iPad, a photo of my skin is taken (which is assured to be 100% confidential), and I enter the electronic queuing system immediately.

glo Laser Centre
glo Laser Centres’ Online Reservation System

Now registered, for further appointments all I have to do is touch an icon on my handphone and I can immediately see how long the expected wait is. I don’t have to book ahead. I can park my car, join the queue online, and by the time I’ve walked from the carpark to the centre, it’s my turn!

Moving inside to the treatment areas, I find individual rooms are clean and bright and there’s a container supplied to deposit my bag and shoes during the session. Lying supine, the technician offers a blanket to keep me warm, my skin is cleaned and eyes covered for protection before the laser show begins.

SKINFIX™ LASER & LIGHT promises to effect the skin’s collagen production, diminish acne, lessen fine lines and wrinkles, target pigmentation and sun damage, and generally even skin tone and refine pores. I don’t have a high pain threshold and am relieved when the therapist shows me how the laser feels on the back of my hand before beginning on my face. She talks me through the treatment from start to finish and obviously has had significant training. The sensation is a little prickly and warm. It’s not uncomfortable at all. In fact, I’m in and out in 15 minutes, and am faintly disappointed that it doesn’t last a little longer – snug on the bed, a few minutes to close my eyes and relax, and a bit of pampering – the experience is rather agreeable.

Finishing up, moisturizer and sunscreen is applied and I have a chance to look in the mirror before I reappear to the world. Even after just one session my skin is noticeably brighter. I compare it to the immediate results of a full hour’s facial or microdermabrasion, but here it’s only taken 15 minutes, and my skin feels as though it has had a much deeper clean. An added benefit is that I didn’t have to remove my eye make-up and I have zero redness, which means I don’t have to spend any time at all prepping to go back to work, or continue on with my chores. This is something that could easily be done during a lunch break.

I follow up at home with some items from the glo skin care range. Nourish provides an excellent moisturizing mask for my skin which I apply at night. Protect is a lightweight sunscreen, which I’ve found especially convenient: gel based it doesn’t clog my pores and a single squirt is sufficient for my entire face. Reveal, peeling gel, is a gentle exfoliator removing dead skin cells and impurities. I’m yet to use this one, as I’ve only just completed a trio of weekly treatments, but imagine it will be useful in assisting to maintain some of the results now that I’ve ceased the sessions.

glo Laser Centre
glo Laser Skin Care Range

With three glo Laser sessions, I find a slight reduction in the lines around my eyes, my pores are appreciably smaller, I haven’t had a pimple once since starting, and overall my skin feels clean and more radiant. Compared with the numerous facials I’ve been fortunate to experience over the years, this is one of the most efficient and value for money treatments that I’ve come across.

Reasons to visit: fast effective facials with no down time and at the fraction of the cost of other laser treatments.

glo Laser Centres
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glo Laser Centres are opened 7 days a week with shopping mall hours and can be found in Mid Valley, 1 Utama, Sunway and Cheras Leisure Mall.

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  1. The setting is attractive and comfortable.

  2. Soud good but nothing for me. I already have issues with make-up when I dance my competitions. I suppose it is normal being a man.


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