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Savini, Ristorante Italiano, The Intermark

Words:  Monica R. Clear     Photos:  Monica Tindall

Walking through the door of Savini is, by itself, a transformative experience.  The outside world of blazing hot sun, noisy street life, and dismal fluorescent mall lighting melts away and Savini extends its arms wide to greet you with the double air-kiss of an enthusiastic and slightly formal Italian friend — the kind who wears expensive cologne, in just the right amount.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
The Entrance from The Intermark
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Main Dining Area

Classy design details are everywhere, chosen to appeal to all five senses:  soothing instrumental Italian music pipes softly over the sophisticated sound system; there is an ever-so-slight floral vanilla scent in the air; and the lighting is chosen to evoke the appropriate ambiance whether you are lazing in the cigar lounge, entertaining work colleagues in one of three private dining rooms, or listening to the nightly jazz band in the intimate dining room.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Private Dining Room
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Private Dining Room

As the Italians would say, this place has bella figura.  You’ll want to stay for hours.

Start the evening at the bar with Rocco, Savini’s own mixologist, who will serve you his signature Savini Martini (RM35) with a dazzling welcome grin.  A refreshingly green apple cocktail with the perfect mix of sweet and sour, and a cocktail umbrella for fun, this aperitivo will awaken your taste buds and provide a crisp antidote to that world outside that is now starting to feel far away.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Savini Bartender Rocco and his Savini Martinis

After a cocktail or two, you might wander over to the humidor to admire some of Cuban’s finest and decide which smoke to choose for later, or pause at the wine cellar for a pairing choice with dinner. You’ll then be shown to the main dining room (unless it’s a special occasion and you’ve booked a private room, in which case be prepared to delight in a smaller venue with specialized service).

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Savini, Lounge

Chef Azizen Shukri has created a dinner menu that can be ordered a la carte or set, with two Degustation Menus made for sampling (RM398-RM505) and one Gourmet Menu (RM298).  During the day, high tea and tapas are offered, as well as an executive set lunch at reasonable prices.

We began our Italian journey of cuisine and wine with a tasting of the Tuscany region house Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio and house Cabernet (ranging from RM25-RM32/glass).  Wine is vetted well at Savini, and the result was good quality, yet easy pairing Italian wines.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
House Red
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
House White
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
House Pinot Grigio

For the meal, we began with Foie Gras (RM75). Served atop grilled pineapple with a drizzle of vanilla and honey butter, and topped with a spoonful of fresh salsa, the goose liver had a perfect crispy exterior and velvet texture inside.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Foie Gras and Pineapple

This was served with the colorful Misticanza e Frutta Salad (RM40) with berries and edible flowers, and a savory and creamy Lobster Bisque (RM 65) with black charcoal cheese bread and caviar.  Both dishes were fresh, high quality taste and complemented one another wonderfully.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Misticanza e Frutta Salad
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Lobster Bisque

We then moved on to sample the Spinach Rigotta Ravioli (RM40), a generous portion of homemade al dente pillows with a bursting pocket of delicious cheese and herbs.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Spinach Rigotta Ravioli

An impressive Alaskan King Crab shell with spaghetti aglio e olio (RM298) – chock full of fleshy crab pieces and roasted garlic, with a kick of spicy chilies infused in the pasta, gave us our first sample of seafood.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Alaskan King Crab with Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Second were the Seared Hokkaido Scallops (RM95) with watermelon and passion fruit, and a dollop of mango salsa, the sweet fruit and flowers enhancing the fresh and juicy scallops.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Seared Hokkaido Scallops

Frutti de mare — Savini-style — is a clear strength of Chef Azizen.

Moving on to meat, we sampled a Wagyu Marbling 9 (RM288), a rich and tender rib eye cut with big flavor, served with a side of aglio olio. Similar to other main course dishes at Savini, the portion was significant and the quality top notch.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Wagyu Marbling 9

We finished off the evening with two of the chef’s recommendations: Cod Fish a la Savini (RM90), a Cajun-roasted codfish with cherry tomatoes and mango salsa, and the Risotto Funghi and Black Truffle (RM59).  Both were served with typical Savini attention to a savory taste and fresh ingredients, in just the right amount, and therefore were favorites of the evening.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Cod Fish a la Savini
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Risotto Funghi and Black Truffle

Without much time to digest, the pastry chef began to send out his creations of playful dessert palettes, bursting with color, animation, and creativity. The choices ranged from a rich crème brulee with a homemade mango macaroon, to a red velvet cake with caramel sauce, and tiramisu in between. The delicate candied ribbons and light merengue drops that accented the plates made each dish a canvas of its own, and yet the flavor was rich and pleasing as well.Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark best fine dining restaurants in KL

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark

Skipping dessert is not a good option here, as Savini also offers homemade gelato (RM19-RM31) and unique sorbet flavors, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar (RM17), although we did not have enough room to sample these.

After dessert, take a stretch and a slow meander to the cigar lounge for a digestivo of your choice.  Settle yourself into one of the classic leather sofas and admire the coffee paintings of famous cigar aficionados around the room, while Rocco ends the culinary journey he helped to begin.  We can recommend the Limoncello, a sweet, cold and intensely lemon liqueur, and a chocolate espresso martini—cold, sweet, frothy and delicious.

Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
After Dinner Pleasures
Savini, Italian Restaurant, The Intermark
Limoncello and Espresso Martini

Traditional Italian digestivi such as Grappa are also offered.

A visit to Savini is an investment in an evening transported; one where senses are awakened and indulged with impressive cuisine and attention to detail, minus the pretension and posturing. The owners and staff have created a high-end restaurant where the finer things in life are understood, and they are right there with you to share in the fun.

Buon Appetito!

Reasons to Visit:  high quality cuisine, atmosphere and service, artistic pastry menu, cigar lounge experience.

Ristorante Italiano
Level 2, Lot 2-05, The Intermark
Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur
Hours:  Mon-Sun, 12:00pm – Till Late


  1. Very impressive until I saw the price for the wagyu tenderloin beef.
    I think I ‘d want to check the stud book credentials of the bull and the cow that
    were responsible for the masterpiece. ha ha.
    El Colin Cordobes who is aghast at that price for the rest of today!

    • Sure is a highly prized meat over here.
      They do have some very good set lunch and happy hour deals – not on the wagyu – but a good list of others. 😉

  2. Wowwwwww!!!! So posh, so sophisticated! I’d pick the Alaskan King Crab with Spaghetti Aglio e Olio and save my tummy space for their awesome-looking desserts.

  3. Wow, I checked out their Facebook and website and all their food look absolutely gorgeous…and their plating are like works of art….insanely beautiful! 🙂

  4. I couldn’t agree more about the transformation, a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of KL. With a very observant and courteous bartender and staff. I have enjoyed several dish’s and I will again return back for the Foie Gras, Lobster Bisque and the Wagu beef as they are my favorite. I have enjoyed several of the desserts and if I were to pick a favorite it would be the creme brûlée . I hope they keep the 3 piece jazz band as the female vocalist has one of the best voices I have heard in KL.

    • Ooh, that lobster bisque will be in my memory for a long time. It’s a difficult dish to get just right, but the chef here makes a very enjoyable version.

  5. That Alaskan crab pasta must be the most expensive pasta dish that i’ve seen so far

  6. Positively surprised. Looks very very good.


  7. What a good find. Quite interested to see how Italian can be further refined.

    • Sure is a find – even if you were walking around the Intermark you wouldn’t just stumble across it. It’s up the escalators and towards the back of the mall, so you have to purposely go there to find it.

  8. this place has indeed a bella figura.  So chicky micky

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