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Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation Nature Resort and Spa, Bali

Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation Nature Resort and Spa in the north of Bali, first caught our attention as I was searching for an alternative to the Kopi Luwak farms on the island. Looking for something more sustainable and with ethical business practices, this picturesque property by Bali’s central lakes and Munduk hill plantation turned up. With Asia World Indonesia as our faithful transport provider, we added this picturesque and admirably ethical property to our agenda.

The boutique hotel is located within a working coffee plantation, and although owned by foreigners, employees 100% local Balinese, mostly from the surrounding village. Not only providing income for the people of the region, the team also teach care for the rainforest, conservation of water, and encourage the maintenance of traditional culture by providing outlets for dance, music and crafts.

Our original plan was to take a tour of plantation, but visiting in the middle of wet season meant we got rained out. Not to worry though as their MiMPi (Balinese for dream) restaurant, using mostly organic home grown vegetables and fruits, offered a spectacular setting in which to take shelter.

Here’s a peek into the pretty property and a sampling from the lunch menu.

sustainable coffee, bali
Villa at Munduk Moding Plantation
sustainable coffee, bali
Lounge and Bar Area
sustainable coffee, bali
Table with a View
sustainable coffee, bali
Sweet Corn Soup (45k) with croutons
sustainable coffee, bali
Lumpia Sayar (45k) – Sauteed mixed vegetables in spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce
sustainable coffee, bali
Terong Balado (65k) – Stir fried eggplant in Balinese red paste sauce served with steamed rice and bean cake crackers
sustainable coffee, bali
Ayam Sambal Matah (75k)- Seared chicken in lemongrass served with steamed rice
sustainable coffee, bali
Banana Cheese (50k) – Fried banana and cheese served with caramelized butter
sustainable coffee, bali
Misty MiMPi (50k) – Banana, strawberries and whipped cream
sustainable coffee, bali
Arabica Coffee from the plantations sustainable crop

Thanks to Asia World Indonesia who not only catered a bespoke itinerary to our interests, but also got us around safely and professionally with the assistance of both a driver and a very knowledgeable butler.

Reasons to visit: gorgeous natural setting; beautiful villas; organic healthy lunches

Munduk Moding Plantation
Banjar Dinas Asah Desa Gobleg
Kecamatan Banjar Buleleng
Singaraja 81152, Bali, Indonesia
+62 (0)81 138 5059
[email protected]

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  1. Arabica, I like.

  2. Woops, eh?
    Visiting Bali in the Wet Season – tut tut. And you reside in KL???
    When I lived in PNG (1963/69) – I had two of my 6 years in the Highlands
    and those low hanging clouds bring back not the best of memories.
    Weeks on end living in the clouds when they descended into the valleys.
    The only way in / out was by small plane unless you like climbing up and down
    very high mountains, being eaten by mosquitoes and leeches – ah such youthful
    bliss- ha ha!!
    Some may think romantic, it bloody certainly was not – the stench of MILDEW!!
    At least this plantation resort is not anything like the housing etc of PNG!
    The resort would be very nice to visit in “THE DRY”.
    As soon as I saw the low clouds in the report, I knew what you were in store for.

    • What to do with a four day weekend? Bali is an easy option from KL. And… would you believe out of the four days we were there, the other three were spent inside restaurants and spas and the only day we decided to venture out turned up with a tremendous storm? Luck. 😉

  3. Banana Cheese? Sinful… but i’m willing to take the risk 😛

  4. Beautiful place and I am sure the lunch is good!

  5. Lovely natural setting

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