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M.I. Rony, Mixologist at Pinchos, Kuala Lumpur

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?

My first job was as a food runner then few months later start to work as a Bar back which is entry level worker mainly cleaning glasses, Sweeping & mopping floors bring things and arrange whatever the bartender needs. It was really hard work in the beginning, then gradually start to pick up about the job and decided to be a successful Mixologist.

What’s the best/ worst part of your job? 

I truly love my job. I absolutely love what I do. The Bartending or Mixologist is one of the most beautiful job. We work with happiness. My colleagues & me are like a family. Every day we meet new people learn a lot of new things. So basically all the part of my job is good.

There is nothing worst part of my job except Wake up in the morning after finish the weekend.

What’s your favorite drink? 

Since I’m a Mixologist I love to try different kinds of drink. But it depends what sort of mood I’m in. Usually I feel like to drink any kinds of classic cocktails such as Martini, Mojito, and Negroni etc. But end of the night nothing can replace a chilled beer.

The perfect day off would be… 

I would like my perfect day to start out with a nice breakfast on a sunny summer morning at the beach house. I will sit outside where the birds are singing and where the flowers are blossoming and with clear blue skies where I could only see the sun shining and the birds flying.I will swim in the clear waters of the island where the dolphins are singing and the fishes are swimming right by me. All afternoon I will sit on the beach having ice cream and drinking chilled beer.. I will sit by the camp fire. My perfect day will end with the silence of night & sound of the sea.

A day in the life of a mixologist is …

Enjoyable and full of fun. Wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee start to think create something new work with full of energy & happiness.

What’s something you’d like guests to know about Pinchos?

The most important part of our restaurant is people feel like home and they keep coming. We try our level best to provide customer best tapas & drink, with friendly service  & atmosphere.

What’s your favorite (s) food and wine pairing?

I love to drink red wine and grilled lamb chop is one of my favorite food. Pinot Noir one of the wine I love to pair with my grilled lamb chop.

What’s in store for you in the upcoming months?

We are going to have few house signature cocktails upcoming month. We are going to add some good selection of gins in the menu so our customers can have there gins with the choice of fruits, Herbs & spices, citrus.

Find some of Rony’s cocktail creations here.


  1. Best place to be, where they make you feel like home, not that many around. It is more than just good food, great service, nice ambiance.

  2. Very nice review, and he sounds like my kind of person: an obvious nature lover. 🙂

  3. Very inspiring.. You got to love Rony. Wishing him nothing but the best.

  4. By the sea….a lovely relaxing time..

  5. fokrul alam pinko

    i love to read this things but u r such nice mixologist i have ever seen . God Bless You .

  6. Md mizanur rahaman

    Nice choice bro

  7. The best bartender in the world!!!

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